Google Glass: Intelligent Computing

Ever wondered how you would feel when you’ll have that Google glass on your face? Google launched video on YouTube unwilling fabulous experience through Google Glass.

Google Glass is amazing invention of Google that makes you free from hardware and computing gestures, all you need is information and Google glass is completely focused on this on.

Record Video on fly with Google Glass: Intelligent Computing

This amazing video footage contains videos from a kid to trapeze artists, ballerinas, skydivers, and skiers with Google glass in their eyes.

Record close instance without any camera and share online: Intelligent Computing

Google glass worked just by giving your voice command to Glass, like Glass record video and that’s it. Glass starts recording video and even share it mail it.

Whenever you need something in front of your eye, just ask Glass show me this that and all.

Google Glass showing tiger picture: Intelligent Computing

Walking on Streets and Google Glass will show you way traffic and everything you wish to in corner so that you can concentrate on driving as well as information.

Google glass as best driving assistance: Intelligent Computing

You can anytime see weather information, share live video footage, images, see anything and ask for further details on it, there you go.

Imagine all your Google just in your head, quick ask and everything within few second for you. Here are some screen shot of videos.

Watch Through Google Glass

How you feel through Google Glass and what you think this will going to shape our future, share with us.