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Mozilla, after being dominating in Open Browser and other Open source area, have came up with amazing evolution of Firefox OS. The complete new technology for mobile based OS.

After the long wait, Mozilla has finally come with the elegant Firefox OS for Mobile platform. Totally affordable OD device may give the competition to the Android and iOS.
Mozilla being the one of the all time hero in the free and open source software community with gifts like Mozilla Firefox and thousands of other Ad-on are there on finished stack. Finally after long wait Firefox OS id successfully demonstrated in CES-2013.

What is in Firefox OS

Open Source

Firefox OS is completely free and comes with the Source code bundled with it. Anyone from the open source community can contribute to the development. Simply, it’s going to be more powerful than any other closed Source OS.


The entire interface of Firefox OS is based on HTML5 and CSS3  and java script technology. Means whatever you are doing on this new OS, is like you are using an online application in some canvas. This make it more stable, bug free and simple for all developer to make tremendous change in it.

Free to Use Free of Flash

Firefox OS is another new technology that’s saying Flash is dead. Being completely based on HTML5, its light on hardware and all the beautiful animation is just and just clean HTML5

Web apps from entire app stores

Sounds strange, there will not be any limitation of type of apps. The application developed for Firefox OS can be run on Android device, iOS device and all. A good news for developer is that for writing app for Firefox OS, all you need to write an app for HTML5. The universal application you can develop.

Faster than Android

Tests on Firefox OS had finally shown, same theology games and graphic will be slower on same specification android device. Of curse HTML5 made all that stuffs faster than ever.

Power Efficient

The nightmare for android user is draining battery, but you don’t have to worry in case of Firefox OS, its like working on Offline Webpage in Firefox OS. Every pixel of th screen is nothing but a prototype of webpage having HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Far better in saving the workload on processor thus you can enjoy longer in single charge.

Available to download

Firefox OS is freely available to download in this February. For testing apps on your PC you can even run this OS in emulators or in VM.

Death of Flash

HTML5 is new era of web, all the amazing animation and design is already supported in it. Also efficient use of code, load and resource is in it, which we were compromising in flash before. Introduction of such Technology in phone let no places for Flash.

Price factor

As already told you, this OS doesn’t require any complex hardware so, the OS is free so you will have to pay less to the new OS and phone.

3D games

Firefox OS as demonstrated in CES 2013, support sleeky and responsive 3D game inside it. That too with less battery load and less processor load on your phone.

Support to Firefox OS

Because of being largest open source community of developer got worldwide support of elegant and expert developer who are working with potential to achieve this OS as the one of fastest growing OS even faster than android.

Bottom Lines
I am not going to add my own bottom lines, I am giving you the reference words from experts around the world
Matthew Key, Chairman & CEO of Telefonica Digital commented,
“Firefox OS will bring a better smartphone experience to a higher proportion of the population at a lower cost. This is crucial for us to accelerate the adoption of smartphones in developing markets. The breadth of support for this initiative across the industry makes it clear that there is an opportunity in the market for a new, open mobile ecosystem.”
Fared Adib, Product Chief at Sprint said,
 “Sprint continues to support an open mobile ecosystem that enables choice for Sprint customers and a healthy competitive ecosystem for the technical community. Firefox Mobile OS can help us drive an HTML 5-based platform for creating lower cost smartphone options for prepaid, postpaid and wholesale customers.”
That’s not all, its new beginning of Mobile OS, bright experience is waiting for us.