create shortcut of files and folders in My Computer: Intelligent computing
No need to  waste many clicks and desktop space to open the files from inside of your computer’s hard drive, create shortcut of Application/files/Folder in you’re my Computer Location.

Hi readers! Do you have to either put bunch of icons on your desktop or simply you have to open my computer and access all your location by multiple clicks and going inside the drive? Why don’t you put all necessary shortcuts just in My computer?

How to create Shortcut of Files/Folders/Program in My Computer

Usually you can Access you’re my Computer Location by Tapping [Win]+E key on your keyboard, there you can find the hard drive/partition and disk drive connected to your computer. It will be too convenient if you can put the Shortcut of frequently used program and folders right on your computer.

You can go ahead in 3 steps!


Open C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsNetwork Shortcuts In your Windows 7.

Or simply type appdata in your Run and Navigate to RoamingMicrosoftWindowsNetwork Shortcuts

Step 2
Open New Windows by tapping [Win]+E or program files from start menu
Step 3
Now Create Shortcut in this folder, any files, any folders, or any programme you want to execute from your computer directly.

Now open My computer and get everything on you’re my Computer directly.
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