iPhone Smartphone Android Apps: Intelligent Computing

Apps are the life of Smart phones; these have possibilities of millions of apps there need to be staying safe while using those apps. See how you can maximize your safety with these apps.

Hi readers, using Smartphone is awesome when you can maximize the possibilities of using your hardware/software by providing different utilities to you. Whatever you are having, iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, thousands of application you can find online, but you know how will you react when you come to know you are downloading malware on your phone.

It steals the performance and such craps stuffs eat up all the smartness of your device. Here are some must to follow tips that will help you to be safe with your mobile device while maximizing the performance.  

Opt and stay official

Every official platform like iOS/Windows/Android is having its own official application market where already thousands of applications are available. We recommend you to download the application from such stores only. Don’t stay back if you need to pay for that. Doing so because, at least you’ll be safe and services will be better and risk will be minimized for your software.

This step will drastically take the chances of such risk to almost zero and your safety will be on top of all.

Cross check before download

Whenever you are about to download the application, take the references from Google search. Read the user review and feedback from the user about those apps. You can get maximum of awareness from that.

Researching and reviewing such application can even make you aware of similar and better application for you and after that you can choose best keeping security after that price and all.

Do not go for application with similar brand name or logo. Like application having logo of Picasa doesn’t necessary to be from Google, check the developer website and similar app. Also check If these apps available/trusted by iTune/Windows store/Google Play?

Think before granting permissions:

Every apps are designed such that, it will use your hardware resources only after seeking your permission. Even Operating systems now days are too smart that it won’t provide access to resources until user wants it. Before granting the permission, see what you are going to allow, what it can do, and is this application is from trusted developer, do these application really going to use this for you or for your data access? You can filter maximum threat from here only.

Stay active and help other too

Why being undercover, if you think any application is good enough and giving you what you needed without creating any problem? Post feedback to the forum and let other user know and select on the bases of it. Same in case you think application is not what it pretend to be, make everyone aware of problems and even you can send error report to developer team of application so that they can fix error.

Be safe and don’t always run behind the free, malware and viruses don’t need to be purchases, they are always free. If you want something valuable, do not always take U turn. Pay and enjoy. Tell us what you think about these issues, share with us by commenting below.