Mycestro 3D Mouse
Mycestro™, your new 3D mouse which fits on your Index finger and let you use your all type of desktop/mobile computer work easily. 

Hardware hot smaller and Software got smarter, so here we are showing you a extra ordinary project that is almost here for your 3D mouse experience with smaller in size you’ve ever imagined.
Lets understand how it build and how its works

What Mycestro is?

Mycestro is consisting of a touch sensitive panel that is having an internal battery and can be mounted on Finger, (Index finger). It is ultra light in weight, as Bluetooth earpiece and USB charging port charges its internal battery. Its battery last for 8 hour for normal use.
This project was started 2 year back and about to hit market soon.

Its touch sensitive panel is divided into three part. Front part for left click, middle for middle click and back part for right click. Bluetooth enabled this device can be operated from the distance of 30 feet


How Cursor Moves:

Moving your hand in 3D will move the cursor on the screen on different position. You can set the speed of the cursor by utility provided with it.

Tapping on new Mycestro:

Tapping button on Mycestro Mouse: Intelligent Computing

When you’ve moved your cursor on appropriate position, you can tap left, right or middle button as per your need.

Scrolling with your new Mycestro:

Slide up and Down to Scroll in your Mycestro

You can simply slide the thumb up or Down on the panel to scroll up or down.

Supported Platform for Mycestro:

Mycestro Currently Supported in Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Mac and Linux.

Device interface and support:

Mycestro is Bluetooth enabled low energy consumption device which compatible with almost all type of Bluetooth device.

Battery and Charging:

USB charging port at the back: Intelligent computing

This device comes with Internal battery that support USB charging, its capacity last about 8 hour on Normal usage.

Features and Working of Mycestro:

This is 3D Mouse which can track the position of finger in 3 Dimensional Space and accordingly it can tell computer to adjust the position of cursor.
This device activated by thumb, when not using it, it will be deactivated and you can easily do anything like typing and even enjoy coffee even after wearing it.

Touch Sensitive panel activate the Panel and after touching it, you want start using the mouse function and tap when needed.

Range: this Bluetooth device can be best working within range of 30 feet.

Bluetooth 4.0 Apple device

Wireless: This device operated on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Protocol making it compatible with all type of Bluetooth device even iPhone iPod iPad etc. At the end of the year, this device would be supported by Android too.

Video Preview for new Mycestro™ 

The Complete package Will include

Package Content of Mycestro : Intelligent computing

This device will best work for your 3D software like CAD applications. Get to know more about this product and its launching on KickStarter.Com