Do you find your wireless router is not giving you performance you were promised? Someone else may be using your Wireless, all you need to have some step for your Wi-Fi security as I am mentioning here.

No one wants mess with those cords with laptop or mobile phone to use the internet freely at home/office. Wireless router is big and perfect answer to them. But being wireless there are lots of chances of leaking and misusing your network by some external user or intruder. What are you doing for them, lets disuses some points below will surly help you in making your home/office network secure and safe.


I expect your first step is to look at the best password combination for your wireless router.  Never use the small word, your name, address/phone number as your password. Do not use dictionary words. You also advised to change the password in such condition if you think your connection is being misused, also at random intervals to make your security stronger.

Wireless Security

Hope you all are aware of WEP and WPA/WPA2 PSK security methods for your Wireless network. FYI WEP is too easy and weak to break rather than WPA/WPA2 methods. We best suggest you to go for WPA security modes and get the higher bit stronger passwords.


Not too strong, but not to ignore, firewall is actually blocks all the ports you may not use and allow you to use only specific ports of your Protocols. Don’t forget to turn on your router’s default firewall setting while setting up your router. Firewall is better than having no security. Also we suggest you to buy some professional security suits if needed.

Wider IP Range

It can get your security boost slightly; you can opt for classless IP from your subscriber which is really having wider range. Example 172.XXX.XXX.XXX to 188.XXX.XXX.XXX will provide you greater IP range, so that intruder has to try more IPs to select your IP address.

DHCP is not safe

DHCP is method in which router allocate the dynamic IP address to the computer requesting the connection, these are valid till next 10 day almost and each MAC address is stored with its IP address in router’s cache. Router also provide DNS and gateway address along with IP, means person have easy access to your internet. DHCP is not safe instead you should turn it off and have proper IP address individually to get access.

Static DHCP

If you have to live with DHCP, this is best you can do. In this method, every MAC address in a network will have only one IP address and will be unique all the time.

Use MAC filter

This is best way you can do with your wireless security. If you deploy this, your router will filter only particular MAC to allow access to your network, no matter intruder have your IP address, Passwords, they cannot access your router and internet connection.

Scan your network often

There are lots of free tools available like, “Angry IP Scanner” or Windows network discovery for your Windows, using that you can scan your network and trace the intruder residing and enjoying your network. Using some tools you can even block them too.

Disable SSID

SSID is unique name given by you when you configure your router. The main reason of attack or stealing your network is SSID. You must disable or keep the SSID so unique that, only you know this and no one else can find or enter it.

Enable WPS if you can

WPS is new security mode deployed in many latest release routers. With WPS feature, whenever one has to access the router, he/she needs to press a WEP button on the router physically. No need of password and IP at all. This is more secure for home user and no one else will know this.

Control your Transmission power

If you are having limited working area, and you have strong transmission power in your router, your signal will be reaching beyond requires range and this will increase the risk of intruders. You can use the utility called, NetStubmler or inSSIDer to make the setting check how far you can set the range of transmission.

Access restriction

Check if your Router follows WAN access policies, you can use this to allow/deny the restriction on the clients individually. You can time the network to allow user to access it and you can restrict user to log in at night for security even turn off the router to save power consumption.

Remote Administration/Logging

Disable the remote login to your IP using network to best protect your router setting and use. Also if you wish to access the router from remote connection, allow for only one or two IP you use it.

Other steps you can opt for your security are

>> Update the firmware of your router to latest release to get maximum security
>> If you have wired and wireless networks both, you can turn off the wireless if not using while you can keep using wired modem for your computer.

Bottom line

Maintaining the wireless security is very important as any criminal or terrorist can use your network (As much news says) can do hell behind you. All points I have mention is I think best you can.
Anything else you are thinking, in your mind, it’s your turn to tell us how you can get your security bit advance. Share with your friends by mailing, by Facebook, twitter to make them aware of these.
Have great time.