Car with Superconductor base runs on Magnetic Road: Intelligent computing

Spending lots on rising fuel price and space for drive your car is biggest problem in current technology. Future Physics on Superconductivity can make our life run without wheels.

Hello Everyone! If you are Thinking of Today’s Technology, you are too late, here we have idea of future carthat can be run without wheels, I am not saying it will fly, it still needs road but not wheels, it’s not sledge too.

Come on let’s get to know about my idea.  

Daily rising price of fuels in Global Market and shortage of road area in populated countries like India, transport Technologyhave two main challenges for them.

One is Vehicles’ efficiency
Two is Space to reduce heavy traffic
Assume a Tireless frictionless car running on above and below on flyover. At the end of post, you will believe at my idea.

All the Homework is depends on Superconductors. Remember in Physics

What is Superconductivity?

According to Wikipedia Superconductivity is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields occurring in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature.

Properties of superconductor

Superconductors are mainly know for two great reason
            Zero Electrical Resistance
            Magnetic Expulsion
·         Quantum Locking
·         Quantum lavation

What is Quantum Locking?

According to
Quantum locking is a process by which a superconductor is “locked” in place within a magnetic field, as a result of the Meissner effect.
Wait wait; I’m not going to give lecture on Physic, just extracting what we have to pick.
Quantum Licking will be clear from the image below. When a superconductor material is put over the magnetic surface, Magnetic flux either gel repel, or get from inside like the pillar.

Why we use quantum lavation for car?

Because a single 3 inch disk surface of 2 mm thick Superconductor layer can hold 1 metric ton of weight.

It will have almost no friction until superconductivity and magnetism is there, so drive will be efficient.
Also it can work even if the magnetic surface is up and disk is below it, it will stay locked for such large force.
Now imagine, if we have such surface below and above the car, and magnetic lines on road and below flyover. Yup, few more implementation can take this to another revolution of transport technology.

Challenges need to overcome

If you know about superconductor, they are having such properties below critical temperature, which is almost equivalent to 0 Kelvin or few points above below.

Currently HgBa2Ca2Cu3Ox  is Copper based compound having critical temperature 133 Kelvin that is -140 degree Celsius. 

In future the challenge is to bring this to room temperature.
Here I have a Video from, demonstrating the concept of Quantum Lavation and locking.

What you think about this new challenge, how this will be beneficial for us?