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Especially it sucks for students if they want to copy some of the text or images from the blog/websites and then due to fury reasons disabled the right click prevent content copying. Let’s see how you can get out of this and enable right click again.

How to enable right click on blog/website

Greet to my readers, most of the my readers are geeks or students and if they want to have some of the content like text or images copying from my site for their future reference to enhance their knowledge, I would love those moments. No matter they remember us or not thank me or not.
But some of the site owners are too scared plus rude and they apply some JavaScript code on their site to completely disable the right click on it. It won’t let anyone copy the image or text on it.
But thanks to Google chrome, again and again I thank this browser cum operating platforms for many other applications; you can re-enable right clicking on those sites to carry on your jobs.
You don’t need to write it down or heading again to search page to look some other blog/site for the getting the images or text.
Sign in to Google Chrome and install this to your Google chrome. Once you install. Restart the Google chrome. Visit the site and its done.
Right click on it.

How to re-enable right click on website/blog without any application

Just whatever browser you are using, I am taking example of Google chrome only,
Open your Google Chrome

Type the following address in address bar

Locate option JavaScript

Click on Manage exception
Snapshot disabling javascript for s site on Google chrome: Intelligent Computing

Now enter the site address and block the Javascript from the drop down menu
Add all those restricted site there and done

Save and exit the setting
Restart the chrome
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