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Portable apps are the one of the extreme need if you are mobile, every time every utility you won’t find portable so why not create your own portable app.

Welcome back folks, moving across many PCs, cafes, college, office won’t let you set your own environment. One will surly want to have some portable apps that will help everywhere. Many of the public PC won’t give you Administrator permission to install apps that you want, so portable apps residing in your USB Drive will going to give you lots of freedom.

In this post we’ll let you know how you can make your own portable apps online.

How to Create My own portable Apps Online

Many times you wish to download the portable app but you are not able to find it on web, should you stop then? No way,

Is the solution for your problem.
This site already has lots and lots of portable apps available online to just download and use. This cover most of the day to day applications like VLC, Skype, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so on.

All you need to search from the list of thousands of applications or if not available,

No worry you can create your own

Sign up for the cameyo.com and get verified by Email,

After this, locate create apps online link on the page

Once you open the page, you will be asked for some information as shown in screen shot.
Snapshot from cameyo.com to create portable apps: Intelligent Computing

All you need to provide either a link to download the executable setup files, this will look like http://sitename.com/…../application-sertupv10.9.7.exe copy the link from the download location and paste into the area asking for this,
If you don’t have setup link but you have setup file on your computer, you can upload it directly.

After this, select your baseline environment, 32bit or 64 bit.

Now click submit.

It will take around 10-20 minute, once your portable application is ready, you will be notified by E-mail

Check for your Mail from comeyo.com this contain the download link to download the application. And done!
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Have great time