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Hi there, thanks all for such awesome responses on my blog on this year. At the end of the year, I managed to sum up with hot topic from my blog for you. All these are mostly loved by people worldwide. Hoping you’ll like it.

I am going to list top 10 post of 2012 and hoping if you missed them, this is time you can read them now, bookmark them or Ctrl+S them. Here these are:

Make USB bootable for Windows 7/Windows 8 by using command prompt

Windows USB bootable: Intelligent Computing
Most of the people loved this post, I can figure out the reason for this are;
In this mobile era, people who have Netbooks & Ultrabooks without Optical drive, find it too difficult to install Windows/OS due to non availability of DVD reader.
You can install Windows 30-40% faster by USB then DVD.
You don’t need to burn DVD before the installation and preserve them.
USB can be making bootable within 5 minute of practice.
You don’t need to have any extra tool for this, Command prompt and 4 GB of Flash Drive is enough.
Your Time, your Money on DVD and your effort will be saved a lot.

Control your PC by Bluetooth enabled Java S40 Mobile

This is era of Mobile, Smart and Slim mobiles; Development of Android/iOS/Blackberry Application is favorite of all, but I guess still there some of the people there want to tweak and use the Java s40 phone for more and more uses; though you can’t find the useful apps for it.
But you can make your Java s40 Phone a Remote control for your Computer. You can control Cursor navigation, Explorer with your phone. Not only this Lock, log off, shut down your PC remotely. Adding some entertainment feature to it, you can make it work as Remote control for controlling Windows media Player, VLC media player as well as iTunes and Winamp.

Echo SmartPen: Smart and Natural Notes

LiveScribe Echo Smartpen: Intelligent Computing

iPad in classes concept sounds too good but admit it, writing down by own is always get settle in mind and is always more productive than typing it. Here I have described about the Echo SmartPen. This pen can be use to write the notes on paper while recording the voice in it. Also you can transfer these notes to computer and OCR technology will make it digital for sharing or further use. It’s an awesome idea just get to know about it.

Artificial Intelligence: Evolution of Revolution

Artificial Intelligence Robot: Intelligent Computing

World is going to be more and more intelligent and connected. More and more calculation & auto mission will be needed to drive it. All of future machine going to be smarter like Siri is now. All these smartness comes from the studies called Artificial Intelligence, the perfect ration of Programming and machine. Read the Technology knocking the door!

Delete Undeletable files

Undeletable files : Intelligent Computing

Well this may be a serious problem or simply process that you are not aware of, this unknown thread uses your file all the time and it never let you know directly. So it been locked until the process terminate or lock removes. Deleting/Renaming or Moving of those locked file is not possible until you know more this post.

How to Save Android Phone’s battery

Android Battery Saving: Intelligent Computing

Android is awesome invention based on Linux/Unix shell/kernel. More the functionality means more the resource consuming. People tends to use lot and lot from their Android phone and don’t care that make of the apps are battery hunger. Know them and optimize your Phone to give a longer backup then ever

Secrete registry Trick to Apply restriction on PC

Unless you have computer at home, you don’t want anyone else to make changes to your system and even for public use of your personal Computer/laptop like friends, you would like to have some restriction on computer. A geek mind is enough and don’t need any application for these kind of stuff. In this post I have mentioned many method for doing restriction in wide faces.

Wireless Electricity: Dream of Wireless era

Wireless Electricity: Intelligent Computing

Hate cords? Till now you have learnt how to be happy in cordless life except the cord for your charging socket. Cord for powering your device is still the issue. But resonance and inductance in physic research have already made this possible. Yes Wireless electricity is not more dream. See how soon you are going to live in wireless room.

RADAR: Role of Technology in defense

RADAR Image: Intelligent Computing

RADAR is one of the most needed piece if you even think about the electronics. RADAR have many uses and if you want a sort guide and special sniff on RADAR technology and its mainly uses in Defense, than most of the people around the world clicked on us. See more to know more  

Windows Media Center: Unwrapped features

Windows media Center Shot: Intelligent Computing

Windows media center is one spot in your Windows 7 if you have dedicated your PC for entertainment use. And you can get the most of time inside this if you are hardcore media handler. Windows media center gives you one stop place for your Audio/video/Images/YouTube/Online radio/TV/ and many more media experience with full fledged behavior. This is the reason Windows 8 have not included this and you have to purchase it separately. Bu if you have Windows 7, just don’t miss to read the post and enjoy all the features.

Hoping your 2012 was incredible, hoping and wishing you enormous success 
Intelligent Computing Wishes you a very happy and Awesome New year 2013

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