Wall like image search UI: Intelligent Computing
Searching Images on Google was not such awesome as it would be after this post.

After some implementation on Google, Google has reformatted the image search. Now you won’t have options to select the colors, image size or say customize the image search on the search page. You have to move to second page called setting located on top right corner.

If you have no option to search in customized way, why not try this awesome and stunning search format.

You’ll get the format like images are mounted on walls and once of them you selected will pop up to you with all the details.

See how it will look when you’ll search images for iPad

Wall interface stunning image search page: Intelligent Computing

All you need are

Sign in your Google chrome with your Gmail ID, and open the page to add the extension on your chrome browser.

This will add an icon on the right of the search bar.
Icon for searching Image: Intelligent Computing

Click on it when you want to search the image.

You’ll get a completely different search page for searching image.

New Image search UI for Google chrome: Intelligent computing

Now type anything you want to search on the search box. like i typed and Enter facebook

Awesome Image search UI: Intelligent Computing

And see how cool it looks.

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