Facebook login page on Firefox: Intelligent Computing

Facebook is to remove the automatic login feature from the external links provided in mail or any other sources, they have to login for such entry on Facebook

Android fever at high temperature

A recent study has revealed that Google’s android os share has rose from 57.5% to 75% in the smartphone market. Other major competitors are BLACKBERRY and APPLE’S IOS.

iPhone 5 fever grips India

Well after the successful launch of iPhone 5 in India on November 2, stores all over India are expecting high sales of the apple’s mega product.   

Back to old days: GOOGLE

Google ‘s  search page background image no longer available from November 16,2012 onwards as Google is trying to make a more refined search available to all Google users available worldwide.


Apple iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.1 beta released

Almost 70 MB of update available having some bug fixed for all you iOS devices like iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5.

UN the platform for world’s cheapest tablet from India: Aakash

India will showcase its low-cost Aakash tablet at the United Nations (UN), highlighting the country’s innovation involved in the “most competitively priced” tablet computer.  In addition to this India’s permanent representative to the UN, Hardeep Singh Puri, said “a presentation on the tablet will be held on 28 November at the world body’s headquarters to which UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon will be invited.”

Apple’s mini got rival’s relief

The new iPad mini’s display is from APPLE’s long run rival Samsung. The Korean giant last year turned out to be the world’s largest maker of smartphones. Apple and Samsung are engaged in patent disputes across several countries, and Apple is believed to be seeking ways to rely less on Samsung. But the Asian tech powerhouse remains a key supplier for Apple, manufacturing its application processors and providing other components.

Milestone from the NOTE

Samsung note II , the most talked about and successful smartphone cum tablet has achieved a milestone by selling 3 million smartphones globally since its debut.

Gangnam fireworks on YouTube

The Korean rapper’s gangman style video hits as the second most video on YouTube of all times achieving a viewership crossing 620 million.

Microsoft: Windows Phone to catch up in apps

Microsoft is in the competition with android and apple and thus trying to gain a position in smartphone market. The company has already enrolled apps for skype, anywhere wireless radio Pandora, games such as “Where’s My Water?”plus windows Phone 8 will come with a “Kid’s Corner” feature. If

Enabled, kids will be able to start up the phone from the lock screen, gaining access to apps and games that the phone’s owner has designated as safe for them.