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Making use of social media for professional business growth is one of the important aspect of marketing and get in touch with the end user/customer of your product and service. Let us get some points about the must to have do list on social media.

Greet to my readers, If you are starting a business, or Blog or Website or you already have it, Google and other search engine is no doubt have great contribution either by search or adword like program. But social media is step ahead from all those advertisement. No need to pay if you have good network, all you have to do is proper and better social active corner and touching all your audience.

Here in this post I’m going to mention some of the check list that you must to follow to get a better start with professional social networking.


Blogger Header Image: Intelligent Computing

Blogging is one of the most preferred method to make update of your website to your audience frequently. What you have to do while blogging, are listed below.

>> Write at least one Blog post each week

>> Share Link on Facebook, Google+, Twitter LinkedIN etc

>> Decide your Target keywords for your blog and maintain the relevancy of the content and blog keyword on each post, use the targeted keyword on your blog title and sub title of the blog.

>>Updating is important because updated content is on higher position on search engines.


Facebook Header Image: Intelligent Computing

I am not going to mention how important Facebook is, just getting to the point.

>> Find and “Like” 5 Facebook pages every week, this will hep you to get updates from other relevant business.

>> Post at least 2 interesting topic about your business frequently bases.
>> Update yor Company status page Daily.

>> Don’t forget to Tag the people and pages in your post.

>> Ask and invite people to like share and comment on the post.


Twitter Header Image: Intelligent Computing

Twitter is all about tweeting and tweeting all time, people follow, replies, Re-Tweet your Tweet and your business gets on roof, some must to have tips for your twitterare,

>> Send at least 3 tweets daily.

>> include tweets about:
Ø  Business
Ø  Promotional
Ø  Fun and Interest
Ø  Circulating your blog post.
>> Re-Tweet at least two interesting topic a day.

>> Follow 10 people per week.

Pro tips: Add #hashtag to make your Tweet appear in trending topic and @mention the peoples and replies to their tweets whenever possible.


LinkedIN header Image: Intelligent Computing

>> Firstly complete your LinkedIN profile first at least 80%.

>> Update your company profile and status.

>> Connect with 4-5 People per weeks.

>> Follow 3 New companies every week.

>> Ask for 1-2 Recommendation per week.

Pro tips: Post the relevant blog post link on the group of same interest and ask for feedback.


Google+ header Image: Intelligent Computing

Google+ is one of the growing social network and almost all the companies and people are coming there to get in circle with Google.

>> Add 5 new people to your circle per week.

>> Offer Google+ Hangout for some related topic to your business and industry.

>> share the content for twice a day on your personal and professional profile.

>> Make a Monthly Google+ hangout for some trending topic about your business and industry.

Pro tips: Make your company post public so that it may appear in Google search and get to more audience.


Pinterest Header Image: Intelligent Computing

Pinterest is all about Pin your interest on Pin board in the form of Images that says all about your business.

>> Add 1 new boards and 6 new pins to each week on your profile.

>> Find and follow 5 new Pinboards every week related to your topic and get involved and
repin some of them.

>> Each month or Week, post a new pin about your business and blog to your pinboard that lands to your site.

Pro tips: Add keyword to your Pin title & description for appearing in search


YouTube Header Image: Intelligent Computing

All about streaming videos and every video your mind ever needed, not exactly every if your ‘every’ goes their :p

>> Subscribe to 3-5 YouTube channel every week.

>> Find and share 3-4 videos every week and share it on Facebook, twitter etc.

>> Plan a video that shows some forecast about your business and plans.

>> Ask and attend video events each month and get involved on other videos by commenting on them.

Pro tips: Keep professionalism in your videos but don’t forget to add some fun.

Bottom line

Hoping your business gets touch every audience on these social network by regularly being active on them. If you are planning to heading out, you can schedule and managethe multiple social media at moment.
Have some question/suggestion/feedback or reaction, don’t forget to express them by commenting below

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