Car Meter image representing Boosting in performance for Windows PC: Intelligent Computing
If you hate the Windows being slowly day by day or want to increase the benchmark test score, here are ultimate methods to do that.

How will you determine if your windows are having higher performance for the same hardware, Windows Experience score determine your computer’s rating and gives your computer a score, this score is telling you how faster and how efficient your computer hard disk rating, processing rating and Memory rating is?

Windows Index score usually comes out in between 1.0 to 7.9 depends linearly with your computers performance. There are 5 parameters on which these calculation is done,
Processor: is tested for the Calculation per unit time.
Memory (RAM): is judge for Memory operation per second.
Graphic: Desktop performance for Windows Aero
Primary Hard disk: Data transfer rate checks Hard disk rating.
Gaming performance: 3D business and gaming computer or laptop performance test result.

Adjusting visual effect

Visual effect and performance both are looking for resources; you can’t have both at the moment if your computer is running out of available resources. You can turn off the unwanted visual effect while working with heavy program to get the best performance, and likewise you can turn visual effect when you don’t need to run heavy applications.  You can set these in power plan to quickly switch from both modes.

Adjust your Indexing preferences

Windows indexing collects the few data from your hard disk, its file and location and stored in separate location. These data will be helpful for quickly searching your files and folders in your computer very very quickly. This eats up your 200-400 MB hard drive space but performance will make you forget this small space. In control panel you can turn on indexing and add the location you preferred to add.

Adjust power setting

If you are running a laptop, one more thing you have to care about is to best battery backup. If you are on desktop, than high power consumption can lead you to buy computer UPS. Avoid them all Open the Power management and edit the advance power plan to best for your need, to save power, or have turbo boost performance. Tune Up utility 2013 is best known for Windows speed up program also for maintaining your power according to your performance and need.

Increase virtual memory

Once I already told you Reason and advantages of creating multiple hard disk partition, if you are having multiple partitions, you can unload the need of physical memory for your computer. Each drive must have data, while using these data, computer moves them to RAM before usage, if you are having more and more portion of data will be residing in your RAM decreasing program performance. Buying RAM for PC is not only solution in fact you can opt for RAM memory upgrade for free pace here as follows.

Open start menu; Type advance system and hit enter (You need to be administrator)
In performance frame, select setting

Again select advanced tab in new popup and locate the virtual memory; click change
Uncheck the automatically manage paging file…. Option

Select each drive one by one and in costume size box define 1024 as initial and 2048 as maximum size for virtual memory(Recommended by IC). You can select any size from 100 MB to 5 GB (recommended range).

After entering the value click set

Repeat for all the drive.

You can leave the recovery drive untouched.

Finish and exit from the setting. (After 3-4 restart your computer will working faster as virtual memory will be very high and RAM will not have that much load)

Disk Cleanup

Remove unwanted and temporary files from your primary drive and make it perform faster for your Windows function.

Disk Defragment

When Windows write files to disk, it doesn’t care about the sequence and data segments, for this reason files are fragmented on hard drive. This reduce the file access time, increase the power for spinning hard drive more fore read all the fragment of files, reduce performance, increase the computer power usage.

At least once a week, defragment your computer’s hard drive for faster access and data transfer on it.
Also keep your computer dust free to reduce processor and motherboard heating.