Man showing hate gesture for Windows H8: Intelligent Computing

Windows 8 no doubt made drastic change in the overall look and feel, but you’ll not be able to use this Windows forever like Windows 7, Technology won’t help you this time if you are using Windows 8.

You have technology of calculator, but you have to solve the numerical problem, which needs a pen a blank sheet, you can take the help of calculator, what if you are given just a calculator alone to solve this complex numerical. Did technology made your life easier this time?
Your answer is absolutely NOT.

Simplicity and performance is the main goal of technology. Making things complex just because you have technology is the point at all. Windows 8 is having technology but not for consumers daily use. It is just you can do this but not so simply.

Welcome back to Intelligent computing, everyone is excited about new windows 8 by Microsoft launched on 26 October, soon it will be on store and its pre-booking started already. But Microsoft is not as planned to do great for consumer of the Windows 8.

Let’s get to the point one by one

Windows 8 Editions

From the moment you go to Windows store to buy the Windows 8, they’ll ask you to choose from different versions, for this feature buy this, for this pay $ 50 extra and get this, for both of these pay $ 100 extra and all. This doesn’t seem consumer friendly at the age of 2012.
Another hand iOS is available in one single edition of $ 30 including all features for all the customers, even server included. 

Stuck with Metro UI

Most of the Windows Work on PC that is, non touch inputs are there. Millions of PCs having Windows 7 but not having touch interface. No doubt Tablet computing is New era of technology but just think, Microsoft did not thought of those millions and did not left any choice for them, They may have implemented this feature as the supplement for the tablet users as they are very few than Windows desktop users. But what they did, they replaced completely. You can opt for a trick to disable Metro UI in windows 8.

Full screen start Menu

Till now, Whenever you wanted to start a program while working on another program, you just had to tap the start button, type the few word hit enter and your application would there, Windows 8 will not let you do this as it is. When you’ll hit Tap start menu, a complete new screen will open, i.e. you have to leave the current working screen. After this typing the program name will open this in another screen and Hitting will open another full screen app and you can’t work on both simultaneously as on windows 7. Example this is what you have to do to open a calculator alongside.

Even if you are using bigger desktop or even multiple monitor for multitasking, but the moment you tapped start button, your entire desktop is gone for the moment on all your display.

You won’t be able to find the Restore/minimize and maximize buttons on New Metro style apps. Even won’t find closing button, all you have to do is to return to start menu, bring your Mouse to left edge of screen, select the apps from sidebar and right click on it to close this.

Bigger fonts and touch interface

PC user will feel a lot pain after a week enjoy the new look, think the simple step of setting the time, windows 7 allow you to open the small window and apply it after setting. Windows 8 will do this in 3 different screens.
Suppose you working on any application, Now Tap start, type alarm, new screen will show you time in excel font and that too in full screen like you can give a presentation to a 15 foot away people and this bigger font always need full screen interface and that too without close button.

Windows Metro Apps

Windows 8 comes with preinstalled apps, and most of the apps are available from Windows store. You’ll find many apps running in background and starts every time with your Windows boot. They won’t ask you if you want to use them or not. Photos will include you Facebook photo, Skydrive photo, Twitter photo and your personal collection at the right on PC without login. Imaging anyone can see your Photo from all social networks if they are even have 5 minute access like your friends and all. Earlier one have to open the browser and login to view this.

IE 10 is different but won’t stand

Windows 8 included a completely designed Internet Explorer 10, for faster and smoother browsing (Microsoft is saying this), but once you’ll use, many integrated Windows useless feature won’t let you enjoy browsing all alone. In fact it won’t even stand in front of Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Bottom line

I have lots of more points, like I was not able to adjust the brightness to such discrete value. Full brightness will suck your battery of your mobile device and laptops. Waiting for windows update that may fix these problems, but I don’t have to worry as I’m not going to have the pain of touch with my mouse.

What your opinion for Windows 8, share with audience by commenting below.  

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