Facebook Messenger in Mozilla firefox image: Intelligent Computing

Get Friend request, Notification and Message notifies you every time on your Firefox, even get the Facebook sidebar too, just 2 minute you have to spent. Let’s see how

Recently in newest update in Firefox i.e. Firefox 18.0 (Download Firefox18.0 from Filehippo.com) Facebook is been integrated with it, Now Firefox let you notified every time about all the Facebook notification at any time, whatever you are doing. 

facebook notification image: Intelligent Computing

All you need to be sign in to Facebook in your Firefox. But this feature is hidden in it so you need to enable this first.

How to Enable Facebook Integration in Firefox

Step 1:

I am assuming that you have latest Firefox installed in your System, Launch the Firefox and in address bar, type

Type about:Config in Address bar Screenshot: Intelligent Computing

Following screen will be displayed after entering the about:config

Proceed after clicking i'll be careful Screenshot Mozilla firefox: Intelligent Computing

Proceed with this

Step 2

Now in search bar (located on the top of the list) type social. Following list will be displayed.

Set Value "true" for Social.enable option screenshot : Intelligent Computing

Step 3
Now search for the social.enable option and double click on it to make its value true.

Once done, open facebook.com and log in with your account and see the changes.
Log in to your facebook from Sidebar Screenshot: Intelligent computing

Enjoy Mozilla Firefox integrated social networking.

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