Windows 8 Login screen: Intelligent computing

After Getting Windows 8 Metro UI on Windows 7, its time to do more with Intelligence, let’s change the Windows 7 Login screen to Windows 8 style.

If you really hate windows 8 or can’t upgrade to windows 8this time, don’t miss. You can Get the Metro UI for Windows 7 as I mentioned in last post of mine. Here let me tell you how you can get the Windows 8 style Metro UI.

Windows 8 Metro UI is having specially designed UI for Login screen as well. Windows 8 offer you to log in to your system using Picture password. Though you can’t use this feature in Windows 7 till now (be optimistic for future), but you can get the Login UI for Windows 7 at this time.

All you need to download this Zip file from Link Below

Windows8 Login UI for Windows 7

After downloading this, extract this by using WinRAR
After extracting, you’ll get the two folders

x64bit files &

x86bit files

Along with to images

Background.jpgand user200.png
As per the architecture of your Windows 7, choose to enter the appropriate folder. Once open
You’ll further get two files

>> Authui.dll

>> Basebrd.dll
Now open following location (Assuming C drive is your Windows 7 drive)

Search for the file Authui.dll and rename it to authui_bak.dll
(For this, you have to take the ownership of the file by giving full permission to user modify files)
Once done Copy and paste the files authui.dll from extracted folder to System32.
Also copy the file basebrd.dll from extracted folder and
Open the following location
Rename the file basebrd.dll to basebrd_bak.dllby taking proper ownership
And paste the copied file from extracted folder to here.
This will replace the login shell of Windows 7 by login shell of windows 8.
After this, you’ll need to change the background of the Login Screen
After this replace the existing background image with given file background.jpg
And you’re done.


IMPORTANT: If you are not able to replace the any of the dll file with new one, than rename it back to original filename, if you don’t replace this file, authui.dll and basebrd.dll and its name is changed to _bak Windows will not be able to find this file on next login time and you will not be able to get to login screen.

If incase you have made mistake, than restart your PC>>Tap F8 and select Repair your computer>> in repair Windows open Command prompt: and using rename command rename both file to existing one and restart to get entry to PC again

Ignore this if you have done replacement successfully


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