New Era of Computing: Windows 8 Unveils Now

Windows 8 Logo White Background: Intelligent Computing

A completely new generation of computing is start here now at 26 October, this made the most flag able and ultimate Milestone in the life of Microsoft, In this info-graphic post, We're going to introduce the some of the ultimate features of Windows 8 that makes it stand alone and higher.

Windows 8 featuring Metro Style UI, the completely new approach from last 15 year start menu, every things is tiles and apps is always on. Best UI for touch devices as well as most of the applications running in full screen with swiping to get the menu, as we were doing it in smart phones and tablets. Faster boot, superfast processing, awesome and Intelligent New storage Policy are few outline of the new world. Let understand the comparison between both Windows 7 and Windows 8 in contrast of speed, program support and Ultimate keyboard support.

Windows 8 image introducing its features: Intelligent Computing

Windows 7 Windows 8 installation Comparison: Intelligent computing
Video performance and Boot time comparison of Windows 7 and Windows 8: Intelligent computing
Performance BenchMark is Higher in Windows 8 than Windows 7: Intelligent Computing
Comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8 : Intelligent Computing
Compression process is almost as high as Windows 7: Intelligent Computing
Heavy Programmes initiate Within few second and Far faster than Windows 7: Intelligent Computing
Surfing the Web is More to enjoy, its even As faster as Windows 7: Intelligent Computing
Comparison between Shutdown time of Windows 7 and Windows 8: Intelligent computing

table describing Speed difference between Windows 7 & Windows 8: Intelligent computing

List of Application may affected by Windows 8: Intelligent computing
Windows 8's exclusive Keyboard Shortcuts: Intelligent computing

This is all about the shining affect of Windows 8, More and More features are unveiling as I’ll have its hand on test. What else you wanted to know or want to share with us, feel free and get known for your ultimate tip.

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  1. With these rich features of Windows 8, what you guys thinks of, if you offer a new PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8, would you like to try this new Windows??


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