Set Location Without GPS: Intelligent computing
Do you know most of the time you access your weather and many other location based information is not as accurate as it should have? GPS device is not the only solution it is here.

Windows 8 is full of real life application on stunning look of your metro UI. Lots of Applications like Weather forecasting of your location on your desktop, monitoring your location, sharing it on social network will help you a lot to get real touch with your friends. Usually people prefer o have the GPS device in their mobile PC, but what if you don’t want to go for real GPS devices, here is the almost perfect solution on Intelligent Computing.
In this post we are going to tell you how to setup your GPS location with software. This application’s working based on the at least approximate location tracking by your Wi-Fi or ISPs. Thought you’ll face some interrogation related to your location and based on this detail the application will try to locate your computer’s location.

Download and install GeoSence Application

All you have to get this application for your Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Click herefor 32 bit and click herefor 64 bit download

After you downloaded, Open the MSI file and start installation of the application, once you have done just close by finishing.

Now Tap start button and type location and Hit enter.

Now you will be on Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsLocation and Other Sensors

You will see a sensor over there Geosence location sensor.

Get your Location sensor without a GPS : Intelligent Computing

Click on it and you’ll ask the location of your residence. Just fill out all the details and it would be best If your PC is connected to internet. Enable his and finish by closing all windows.

Change will reflect

From the moment you install the app and finish the setting, your computer will have the new location and it will be provided to application need this after your permission.

Now check the working of the location of windows right from your desktop.

Right click on the desktop-> Select gadget-> choose the weather gadget and see it on your desktop.

It will fetch the best possible approximate or exact location and will show you the weather condition of your area.

Also don’t forget to provide the option Determine the location automatically.

Now enjoy all your Location based apps automatically determine your location. Also you can control your privacy anytime you wish. Just disable the device (Virtual device from your device manager).

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