USB Protection

Once you go for this post, you will be able to control your USB port and enable/disable data sharing read/write for preventing your data as well as isolate from infection through it and all that without any software.

USB is one of the most used device now a days for data sharing, being cheap and ultra-portable this is what everyone want and uses as data traveller. No doubt USB Mass storage devices has change the way we computing today, but one can’t ignore the security holes raised due to misuse and careless use of these devices.

SO if you are really sensitive for your PC’s security from these problem as well as want your data to be secure, you must keep control on your USB ports.

I am posting two methods one for disabling your USB storage completely and another is to protect Read/write and enabling them.

This is simple Registry Trick you need to tweak.

Disable USB completely

This is one of the method you can disable all the USB storage devices at once. Remember, your USB keyboard mice and other USB powered device will be working fine only Storage device will be disable.

Just take the following steps

1. Open Run an type Regedit and hit enter.

2. Now Navigate to following:


[-] System


                                    [-] services

                                                [-] Usbstor


3. On the Right plane, you will find lots of string there. Look for the string Start and double click on it.

4. On this new popup windows, you will find the value 3, change this to 4 and save the value.

5. Close the registry editor and restart the PC to apply the changes.

After doing this, you will not be able to use any of the USB drive as mentioned earlier.

Now let’s do it in faster way.

Open Notepad by typing it on Run
Type the following lines to it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Disable Only Write Access

Again by having tweak to your registry you can control your USB port from stealing your Data.
Just do this,
Open Notepad, and type the following lines
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
Save this file as Enable USB.reg
Create another file having same text but replace last ‘0’ with ‘1’
Save this file as Disable USB.reg
Anytime you can enable/disable USB write by Double clicking on this file.
After doing this, you cannot write to USB though you can read, copy data, and install program as well as run Media from it.
Hoping this will help you in protection with unwanted USB threads to your PC, let us know what else you do for this kind of protection.