8 Biggest flops of Google: Intelligent Computing
No one is perfect and Google is not the outside of this circle, though Google is king when you need something online but Google couldn’t stepped ahead in some directions.

Greet to my readers,
I love Google, yes I do, the way it make us feel online and we never though the things away from my desk when I’m online. From the research of class lecture to the dating place for my new girlfriend, Google always help me and every one of you. With dominating market of search for more than 93% of web, Google headed to many direction many of them was like dream come true, like YouTube but here I’m mainly pointing out the direction, Google stopped the step for.
Here is Google’s Biggest flop that was born with sort term life span.


Duration 5 Month
The second life clone that copied the questionable concept about life, this was bit confusing and people couldn’t accepted this. Shutdown on December 2008.

Google Wave

Google Wave Logo: Intelligent Computing

Duration 1 year 3 month

Google Wave was launched in 2009; this was the hybrid concept of real time mail, chat and messenger. This had the concept of revolutionased the communication but due to confusing design and use it was abandoned in 2010.

Google buzz

Duration 1 year 3 month
Google Buzz was social network integrated with Gmail. This was abandoned in 2011 due to reason that it added all the contacts to the list of Google Buzz. People and privacy advocate had strongly raised objection on it. Thus Google had to shut down this.


1 year 9 Month
Gear was the useful browser plug-in at the time it launched. Gear featured the Offline usage of Web based Apps. But Web based language HTML5 will have this feature on coming future, so this had to be removed in Feb 2010.

Google Health

Duration 3 year 8 month
An online platform for Medical electronic analyzer and logger failed to have the place, because most of the people was not feeling comfort to share their medical history and they might had the privacy concern. So it has to be stopped in January 2012.

Google Knol

Duration 3 year 9 Month
Google Knol was in the market as the competitor of largest online encyclopedia, that is Wikipedia. But it couldn’t make more difference on the huge encyclopedia, thus Shutdown in April 2012.

Google Answers

Duration 4 Year 8 Month
Google specially launched questioned and answer portal for online problem relov, but this was one of thode many available already. This couldn’t became too different from other like Yahoo answers. This was Abandoned in December 2006.

Google lab

Google Lab logo: Intelligent Computing

Duration 5 Year

The online point for the entire technical volunteer to experiment online related to all the field and developed many features too. But This was shut down by Google In October 2011, as Googlewanted to focus on fewer products only.

Google Lab logo: Intelligent Computing

Bottom line
Google is still the king and have few but life savior parts like YouTube, Google+ Gmail, Google chrome and many more which are daily needed applications. Now Google is focusing every service as the part of Google+, as keeping it at center of all.