5 Future Technologies are knocking: Intelligent Computing

Every dream is coming true with the dedication and passion, here are next 5 technologies that will change the way we are and we’ll be.

Greet to my readers! Everyone is talking and enjoying the current technology and highly impressed by these on everyone’s life. In this post I will be pointing the five points that will occupy the future and completely replace the current status of some of the hard core technology.
Let’s start with

1.    Wireless Electricity

Wireless electricity: Intelligent Computing

Wirelesselectricity has finally shown the result I Nokia’s latest Lumia 920 phone, which is facilitate with Wireless charging. This concept was brought to light by 19th century physicist Nikola Tesla, who completely dedicated his life to. Now in 2007, US physicist Marin Soljacic from MIT finally brought out the result by experimenting, wireless electricity from electromagnet and resonance. The first success was shown by him when his team WiTricity Corp powered a 60 Watt bulb from the power source 7 feet away from the and all the wires too. After this in 2009 Intel has also started showcase working project with the Team of MIT’s scientist. They have found out the system that can transfer the electricity from distance of 1 m all with 80% efficiency.

2.     3D display by Holographic technology

This would be amazing technology when will be in real life, well in 2008 researchers team at University of Arizona developed a 3D display that can produce the real time display at the Refresh rate of 2 second. After that great achievement made and this was reached at 15 frames per second now. They are confined that in next few years, these Displays can be shown up-to 24 frames per second.

3.     Tissue regeneration

Tissue Regeneration : Intelligent Computing

The much known Dr Stepehn Badylak, a tissue culture expert have lots of patent on his name, and one of the most amazing I like is the extracellular matrix for tissue regeneration. This research is having the details that steam cell can have all the information from existing cells and develop the more tissue with it.
When this applied to wounds, this proven to fill out the wounds, regenerate the finger tips, bladders, and large holes in Horse nose.

4.     Force fields

Force Fields : Intelligent Computing

Recently Research department of US defense ministry have found out the result to protect Army vehicle from the fires and similar interruption. According to this result, scientist claims that it is possible to add some super capacitor vehicle to the military vehicle which can quickly dump the stored energy to the upcoming fires or attacks. This principle is based on electromagnetism; army vehicle will produce high electro-magnetism which can repel the fires. It will be lasting for few milliseconds only but once timing is calibrated it can be great to deflect the projectiles.

5.     Flexible Screens

Flexible Screens: Intelligent Computing

Many technology lovers from a long time had this dream to have flexible screens for their mobile devices, and this dream is finally showing the result. Recently SONY has launched the flexible organic screens that are capable of folding and it can bend up to radius of 5mm and can give the Sharpe image of 1200×1600 pixels. Before this, in 2008 Flexible Display Center in Arizona State had shown the prototype of such display. 

The Bottom line

These are amazing technologies that will change the way we live technology. Lots of others are in progress we will bind up them soon, have nice time

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