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USB is one of the most essential hardware at the moment, one cannot imaging an Open computing without USB, till now USB 2.0 is command and in most used by people. The way ahead is USB 3.0, a new and faster way to compute and move with your data along with you. Here at this info graphic post, I’m trying to cover 10 important points about USB 3.0 that will make you closer to the new revolution.

What is USB 3.0

Will USB 3.0 Stay for a While?

Can My PC be upgraded for USB 3.0?

Are the Products worthwhile yet?

Image are little old so Ignore the time factor

Can I connect USB to USB 3.0 port

What hardwares are available Now?

What exactly is difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0?

What are options for USB 3.0?

Tested people says its Brilliant

Who need USB 3.0?

If you are on mobile, we recommend you to either zoom each image or best if you use it on Desktop or Tablets. Hoping this will make you hungry for the speed now.

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