Metro UI in Windows 8 is basically for touch screen interface; imagine your screen full of tiles and you are sliding the screen up and down every time with your mouse on your desktop. In this Workshop we will let you know how you can get rid of it and get it back anytime you want.

It may look sleek to use the metro UI which is very conventional at touch surface like tablets but, seriously telling you won’t be able to go far and for the backup you may need this. And if you already using the Windows 8 and got frustrated don’t worry, we at Intelligent Computing are here.
Now straightway let get to three way how you can do it on your Windows 8
Disable/Re-enable Metro UI by using application
The first method is too easy and too useful for those don’t want much to dig inside windows. For this purpose you need “Windows 8 Metro UI switcher”. You can Downloadthis utility here.
Intelligent:Computing Windows 8 UI switcher [Image:  ]

This application is too simple and 1 MB in download and don’t need any Administrator Privilege to run. That means you can use it as Normal user too. This Application will help you to get rid of Metro UI interface and get the classic desktop as well as classic Task Manager along with start menu. It will run on both x86 and x64 bit version of OS.
It won’t require any extra library utility like .Net framework for its functionality. Simply install this Freeware application on your Windows 8 and select the Radio Button Disable Metro UI and click on Apply button. You have to Restart or Log off the Windows for getting your classic view back. Just do that and get all your frustrations vanish. And you can switch anytime you want. see a video demonstration here

Disable/Re-Enable Metro UI by Registry hacking

If you don’t want to Download this on your PC, No problem, Registry hacking is another option for you. Registry hacking can be use to do a lot on your Windows. Now let me tell you how you can do this.
Open Run and type Runshortcut for Registry Editor Regedit.
Now navigate as follows
            [-] Software
                        [-] Microsoft
                                    [-] Windows
                                                [-] currentVersion
                                                            [-] Explorer
On the right hand side of the screen you will notice/find the string ‘RBEnabled’
Double click on it and change its default value from ‘1’ to ‘0’
Close the Registry Editor after Refreshing the screen by [F5]
Now Restart the PC and See your Windows 7 UI is back on Windows 8. You can always Re-Enable by changing the value from ‘0’ to ‘1’ at same place.

Disable/Re-Enable Metro UI manually

If you are already Administrator of the system, and you don’t want to even go for registry hacking, still we’ll give you another method. All you have to do is small googling inside the 
%system%:Windows and find the file ‘shsxs.dll’
Once you got it, rename it and change the existing name. Like you can change it to shsxs.dll.backup and restart your PC to get the Windows 7 UI back. Want to switch? Rename it again and remove the backup word and make it again shsxs.dll and done. Re-start will change your feeling.
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