If you are still stocked to your old laptop and facing lots of boundaries with it, it’s time to break them all. Even if you brought a new one still you can do some spending and some workshop will make it perform as super.

it won’t be behind from any of the new one. You need to buy a new hard disk compatible model for your old laptop, a 2-4 GB RAM and Wi-Fi PCI if you wish to. If you are quite new, you should do this under recommendation of your expert friend or engineer.

You Need these tools before getting started along with component
We have took an Dell and you can check online for compatible component for your laptop
Starting with Removing the case cover
Remove Keyboard after that

Removing screen 

Removing Dust
clean up motherboard and change the cooling paste
Remove and install New Hard disk of 500 GB or more
Replace RAM with of Higher Capacity (IC recommends 4 GB)
Check if you need to change the Wi-Fi card too
close and Re-Assemble the componets
Finish with Installing Genuine Windows or Linux 
Hoping this workshop will guide you enough for the performing the steps. If you still not confident take help of your friends or simply Ask us on our Facebook page or comment below.

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