Why to spend time and money on downloading bunch of converter software for your Windows/Linux/Mac if your VLC can do that.

VLC media player is one of the most popular media players on globe. Video LAN Corporation’s Media player is Open source media player for multi platform support and even portable versions are there.

VLC is best known for all type of media support and most enhancements for audio/video/subtitle/and managing of different audio tracks on videos. Lots of ultimate keyboard shortcuts and converting features of media make it stand higher than any other player. In this post I’m going to tell you how you can use media player as the media converter. If you are not using VLC till now, download it from here

Using VLC media player as media converter

Let’s see step by step how you can convert your media from one to another format and with versatile quality.
First of all open VLC media player
In file menu select Convert/Save option

A New window will open. Click on Add and add the media file you want to convert. Either by browsing or Dragging to the window.

At the bottom of the window, click the arrow at button and select the convert Option from the List appear.

Again another window will be open, browse and select the destination file to save the media you’ll convert.

Now click on setting/wrench button at the bottom of the window, this will open the new window again
Select the format you want to convert to, either in video tab audio tab or subtitle conversion.
Click on the radio button for destination format, like in screen shot, I’ve selected flv.
Click on save and this will close the window
Now in present window you’ll see Start option
Click on the start and wait for a while. This will depend upon the length and quality of the media you are using. Your file will be saved to location you specified.
Now you can enjoy plying converted media to different device you converted for.
Now you can enjoy plying converted media to different device you converted for.

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