Best Tips for buying a tablet
If you want to go for Tablet way of computing, only money is not enough to get a sound tablet. Here are 10 most important thing everyone should consider before buying a tablet.

Tablets are one of the cool tech fashions today. Making your life easier smarter and portable tablet let you do a lot more than just a smartphone and laptop too. If you are impressed and think you should join this moment, here are 10 must and most important thing you have to check before buying a tablet.

1.     Touch sensitivity of Tablet

The biggest and most stylish reason for opting a tablet computing over laptop and desktop is  its touch interface. Doing the thing directly from your finger touch not only complete your work, but it make feel the work. There is no point if your touch is not as fast as you. You are trying multiple times for registering same input to your processor. Though processor plays important role here but most important it to look for ultra responsive touch.

2.     Display Screen

Now a day, display screen of tablet get smudged too easily in the open environment. Especially when you are using the screen guard and thinking it will protect screen from scratch. So now days most of the tablet support Gorilla glass. It is actually very thin, light weight, and strong glass. It not only protect screen from the scratch but also from many day to day rigors. Most important, it keeps the screen smudged free.

3.     Multi-touch support

Mul titouch Support for Tablet

Many tablets works smooth with the single touch now a days. Still if you would look for pinch zoom, gaming, two finger scrolling etc, you going to miss a lot. Multi touch specially form large screen more than 4” is must to have configuration of multi touch.

4.     OS Support

OS is heart of Tablet. The experience you are going to feel will depend upon the apps your OS support, looks and environment your OS provides and lots more. On this competitive era OS of tablets updates frequently. So before buying the tablet make sure that your current version of tablet support the upgrade or not. If yes than how much you can and like this. Though you can always root or Jailbreak the tablet to tweak it as per your need, but it’s still be risky and not possible for everyone. Still look for the upgrade and tweaks that are supported within the warranty of the device.

5.     Hardware support

Though your hardware support upgrading of OS, still you need to ensure that your hardware is ready for upgrade on higher revision of OS. Like you can use the higher memory card, your RAM is enough to support the next update and your processor which is optimized for best battery performance, won’t get down when using the tweak version of your OS. Make sure your hardware is robust enough to support maximum USB related utilities. It won’t be a good idea to update your software and facing slow and less charged performance.

6.     Sized to Your usability

Today tablets are available in wider configuration and size. Some are small to fit into your pocket. Some are with multiple operating systems too. Some are with great with large screen for stunning feel. While having tablet, first decide which type of need you have. Like if you are more involve in traveling, go for a smaller pocket fit sized tablet. Another hand if you are looking this for business communication, games and browsing on the go with constant mailing and social networking without much heading, get one with large display for better and large virtual keyboard, HD video, great games and browsing experience.

7.     Terms and Warranty

Tablets are just new style in market and market is not so high, thus it demands more prices. If you decided to head towards tablet, you must first check all the above points, warranty, your price value, and most important user experience at online forums. Also don’t forget to check what will be there inside the box, read the warranty statement online and discuss, if you have plan to get it from  other country, you must check if warranty exist there or not.

8.     Using apps

Apps are the life of your tablets. While today’s tablet support many free as well as paid apps from android market or say apple store, still tablet with low specification won’t be able to run all those heavy duty and resource eating apps. If you want to tweak your device to run those apps, your warranty will be void and you can’t go far with that. Make sure your backup and sync process is easy, your apps will be installing on SD card or ruin your internal space.

9.     Accessories and Ports

Market of iPad and other worthy tablet would be smashed up early if they were not come with USB support. Whatever is your case, you want to use your tablet for pocket use or business USB is the way to explore. Movies, 3G on go with dongle, and even attach keyboard and mice in many case when user are not happy with touch interface all the time.

10. Communication standard

Most of the tablets are coming with Wi-Fi support now days for great Internet experience and downloading apps and media from internet. If you are not in Wi-Fi environment continuously, you may a Tablet with SIM card support for GPRS use. Also if you want it for continuous   data transfer, look for Bluetooth support. With 3G service hitting market, look for 3G enable tablet or supported by USB 3g dongle.
That’s all I think cover all the aspect that people may use to opt for tablet buying. Still no one is perfect ever. You are most welcome to add your views to our post by commenting below.

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