Wishing happy birthday to Google and welcoming to age 14, here are top 14 Google Tips for you guys

The heartbeat of internet, the one Tech God for all, the best teacher, best friend, best to ask for entertainment, even arrange a date for you and lots more that can’t be summarized in my single post. The word Google came from Googol, which means infinite 0 after 1 (10000000000000……..∞) implying infinite possibilities with Google.

Google was origanly founded as the college project by Larry pageand Surgy bin. The main objective of Google was to extract relevant data from large and unorganized database. Google was founded as search engine and after that people joined with open mind and Google took no time to grow ad here he is king.

Google has lots of product for everyone on the web, from a kid of 10 to expert of 50. You can get more and more about Google at About Us page of Google. In this Post I am going to tell you 14 Tips about Google that every one of you should be aware of.

14 Tips and Trick of Google

No doubt Google is not limited as best search engine, it is in OS, browser, plug-ins, Open source development and all. Actually I’m telling you why you should admire of Google.

1.     Get Best Search Result

Looking for Google as your best and personal search engine that too with perfect Result? You must be crazy if you still don’t know these.

2.     Get Google on your SMS

Get every Text based searches and lots more as your best friend just by SMS from your phone. Use this feature for almost anything you like to get on your Mobile via SMS and even more. Learn More

3.     Google chrome: the Next Generation Browser

Browse the web in best ever way one can do. This was the result of free time from Google’s Employee and today this is Best browser on the earth. Read many more tips tweak and tricks related to Google chrome here

4.     Understanding I’m Feeling Lucky button

When you search something on Google, it displays the result in priority of the keyword and assuming best result is at first place. When you click on I’m feeling Lucky Button after entering key, Google Simply don’t show the result, rather it opens the best result for you, i.e. First one.

5.     Google Best to secure your data

Google unlike other place on Web Google provide lots and lots of services and features on the web. This made and important thread to critical security, but Google has the idea of extra security layer for your protection. People can’t login to your account even if they managed to know your password by any of the mean, stealing, hacking, phishing if you know this.

6.     Keep your Data on Cloud with Google Drive

Keep yourself around the world and work on the online office with 5 GB of Free storage from anywhere. Google drive and its feature is all set for this.

7.     Best tips for keeping your account safe online

Due to active hacker’s activity on Gmail and Google account, Google has specially suggested these tips for all the folks in Relation with Google

8.     Use Google even in Touchy situation

Google can search your typed keyword, and Images you feed inside. It even can hear your voice to search, Now do explore another method best for mobile. Learn More.

9.     Use your chrome for a Gaming environment

Google chrome is not a standalone browser; it’s a complete platform for your apps and gaming. Get the best Google chrome game here.

10. Send Gmails from your Linux Terminal

Alright, you can do this on your own Linux distribution. With simple 5 minute workout will set all these know more how.

11. Personalize your Google chrome by own theme

Google Chrome lets you set an eye comfort environment by its theme on Chrome app store, now you can create your own theme and share them with people around. Know more and create the one.

12. Best +1 Video post for you

Google plus is another best social media evolving around the glove. Here I had embedded most popular Videos.

13. Make your search more relevant

If you think your Google keyword is poping with useless site on the top on Google search, you can simple block them if you know this. Learn More and make the Google search better.

14. Extend the Functionality of Google chrome

As mentioned earlier, Google chrome is platform too to support running of many apps. Here is how you can extend the Google chrome’s usability.
Once again Wishing Happy Birthday to Google and hoping for awesome part forever in everyone’s life.

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