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The power of FOSS is not new to anyone, being economic and customizable; these applications can save lots from your wallet as well as your ideas can be implemented inside with little effort. Here I compiled 10 best FOSS for your daily use in Windows/Linux.

From the moment you log in to your Windows to shutdown it, many of the application people uses that are either closed source or Open source. Closed source software are the commercially developed application that are developed by team and all the maintenance, upgrading, debugging etc are performed by those confined rooms. Open source software is outcome of the enthuse developer.

These software are firstly developed by individual person tested, and uploaded for public use, after this people uses them, and join them for further development. People contribute as volunteer and ideas that come in each upgrade are much wider than any team can have. Surprisingly these applications are used by worldwide people and sources are free for everyone and can modify them further.

Being Free of cost make these applications used by wider verity of people, not only economically but also perfect as their individual or organizational use. For example a CRM application which is open source can be further modified by organization as per their best use in that environment.
Now let me list you most of these application for Windows and Linux

1.     Mozilla Firefox

One of the best browsers supporting Windows/Linux platform. Bug free, mobile support, 1000s of Ad-on fast and seamless browsing, and most popular browser throughout the world. It supports multiple devices and it can sync all your browser data like Bookmarks, Favorites, History, and Ad-on to all your Mozilla Firefox. Private mode browsing as well as master password support makes it different from rest. You can apply 1000s of tweaks on MozillaFirefox and make your browsing experience awesome. Get one for you here

2.     VLC Media player

From the last many years I am still stacked to one of the best Media player in world. That all too free and open source. The entire basic as well as advance feature that you many need in a media player, VLC has that. From Playing to conversion of media, changing aspect ratio, costume crop, video and audio filter, snapshot and video recording from playback, online streaming, multiple device support, switching to multiple audio track, adding subtitle, DVD menu and features, support for TV tuner cards and 100s more features that I can’t describe here. VLC supported by Windows Linux and many other graphical OS platform. Get VLC media player for your OS here

3.     Virtual Box

Many time a developer and networking student needs multiple network for supporting many feature, tesing environment and setting up network and servers within the small network, and without having multiple PC or installing Multiple OS, here Virtual Box is the solution. Free to Downloadable Virtual box makes you free of hectic of having multiple OS, you can create multiple OS VM and run them simultaneously. You will have the option how much RAM you want to allocate to each VM how much processor and what will be the size of each HDD along with the network management. Get Virtual Box here

4.     LibreOffice

Needs create Word document, or spreadsheet? A quick presentation including interactive graphic or database on your PC and not want to pay for commercial application like Microsoft office? Here is the solution on next click. Download the LibreOffice widely loved by the people around the globe and not only this; you can have multiple file type support including Microsoft office .doc/.docx/.ppt/.pptx/.xls etc.
You can get this from here

5.     CodeBlocks

One of the popular application for cross platform IDE and support extension and plug-ins this C/C++ IDE can be used to compile code for ARM, Metalab, OpenGL, AVR etc. you can get the supported framework too. know More about this application or Download and install CodeBlocks from here.

6.     Blender

Blender is Multiple Operating system supported application to create high quality 3D graphic and animation. You can create animation, 3D images, Video games using this Open source application. It support many extended features an plug-ins. Before proceeding you can start with tour available on the Site. Get this application from here

7.     7-Zip

This is another FOSS having multiple OS support. This powerful compression application supports all the major filetype like, .zip/.rar/.tar/.iso etc.Download this application here

8.     GIMP

GIMP is the best and free alternative for Photoshop. This application will be usable for you for all the image related task. From photo touch to create high quality live image and retouching the image to make it totally new and alive you can pick this application from simple paint brush application too. Many plug-ins and extended support makes it more powerful. Know more about this and download this application for you here.

9.     Pidgin  

Having multiple accounts on Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail and log in to them makes you sometime frustrate because people start chatting with you. Here this application you can use to manage and view all the online account at once. This also supports great and interactive IM support.  Download and install it from here

10. Mozilla ThunderBid

Looking for desktop mail management application alternative of Microsoft Outlook? Mozilla thunder bid is amazing stop for you. Easy to use application support export and import of data accross multiple computer. Inbuilt RSS feed reader and multiple extension support make it best mailing experience on your desktop.  Get this from here
Try and feel the power of Open source application and don’t wait if you use similar FOSS and mention the download source too.

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