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Intelligent computing is inviting all the tech geeks to have a chance to spread their words among us and with our readers

Why you should write

You should do it because
          Get your Blog/website name to broader range of audience
          Let our Traffic knows about your Article and Next time they visit your Page too.
          Get lots of Back link and chances are even to get lots of Gifts and guidelines for Blogging and improving SEO of your Page
So you think and want to write Articles for us. Than believe me you are at truly and at firm platform for making us to grow and give a tilt and vertical fight to you too. Without giving any crap let me tell you the requirement for Being an Author or Guest Author of Intelligent Computing
You should
Be excellent in computing and all the stuff related to it.
Ready to solve any problem (Most of and most common) at any moment related to computer hardware, software or else
Should be excellent in Google search, in case you don’t have solution, you can take the help of Google to find the most close solution in least time
You should be geek of your friend circle. Do all your friends call you for their problem? If you are, you can be part of us.
Not make your computing to just Windows, at least have used Linux or Mac for the further steps.
From these five you should be expert in at least three conditions and two more compulsory Requirements are
You are able to Digg the internet for latest Release, launch and Update related to Computing and should have large social circle like on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Pintrest, Google+ etc
And at the end but most important, your writing should be sound and impressive. You are able to write for 400-700 word articles and length can be smaller if images are there.

If your answer is yes, time to apply now.

How to Apply for this

You are ready to send the Demo Article to us. Try is your best so that i don’t wait to publish it. And see audience responses on it.

Sent Article in MS Word 2003/2007/2013 format with at least 400 word and at most 700-1000 word with High Resolution Images as possible.

At the first page of the Document

Include your name, Email, website/blog/Facebook ID/Pages/Twitter ID/Google+ pages etc.

We will judge the Traffic on your post and after that you will get the good news.

Mail Me your Article at

Or send as attachment on Facebook Page’s Message
Wishing you all the Best for this, and waiting for your responses.

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