Linux is still is not so familiar among the people as windows. Search a topic/quarry/solution for Windows problem; you’ll get hundreds of site/blog/ community for your help. Look for the topic for Linux, you seldom find any other blog/sites beside those Linux community. For the same reason, i compiled 14 best Web points you can Bookmark now, and have all your Linux Solution.

These sites include News site/software development community/ FAQs/ Newsletter for Linux and even live solution of your problem by IRC.
These listed sites are especially for your Help/quarry and solution to your Problems.

Linux Questions

Having a Question related to Linux? This is where you should be. Beside an active Linux forum, you are free to ask any question related to your Linux software, hardware, compatibility security, networking etc. Not only this, you will find many great tutorials and Book reviews for the Linux distribution.


Google Linux

Want to Google your problems just and just for Linux, Google itself has prepared itself to help all Linux user. You can go to and Google all the topic just for Linux there.


Linux Forum

This site is great place for your entire distribution related question. Select the distribution and ask the live specific question over these. This site also equipped with IRC (Internet relay chat), for your solution online and live.


The Linux Documentation Project

This site is great achieve for Linux documentation guide. You can find wide range of HOW TOs, FAQs and MAN(ual) Pages for all your Linux Distribution.


Linux Help

This site is great forum, Quarry and entire information of the entire Linux distribution, its part, its hierarchy and all. This will easily let you find the Best Mailing list, new latter and user group for Linux related mind.


Linux Online

This site is like the central data centre. For all the current and past distribution of Linux, its documentation and user guide. You will also find the free Books related to your Linux topic like networking/development etc.


Linux kernel Achieve  

This is primary site for Linux kernel. The Development site for the Linux kernel offers you all the current Linux kernel information, package, tested codes to compile and play with. You can download the stable and tested codes from here and modify them. This is defiantly not for starters but for those who want their own style Linux.
Here are list of sites which will provide you the best news, development related to Linux and this will let you update and walk with current technology in Linux.



If you are on Linux, you are with Open source and this is one of the best sites for open source Devotee. People from around the globe submits there problem, solution, new invention, new software and new codes over there. People discuss the problem and give the comments on the topic over there, if you are on SlashDot, you already made a big time. Just have some deep reading of simple topic over there and you won’t take time to be expert reading and learning.



Having any issue with your open source project or similar? This is right place to discover the solution and discussion for it.



IT/Linux enthuse geek are always looking for the news and New codes for their project. How you can start with simple coding and make a real world problem sort out, and after this going deeper in coding is not a far deal. LinuxToday is there to gather all those news and codes from the open source project to all the new geeks to go ahead with.



This is world famous News site for all your Linux related news. It relay the weekly news on its site and you can spend couple of minute daily to look at the site and if you got your topic, read it and go deeper with related topic.



This is hub; this is online news paper for all the open source need and happing around the world. You can get the up to a minute link to all the corner of the web where you will see the latest Linux/open source news and trend going there. It includes the Web links, interview and reviews of the topics.


Linux Insider

This covers the latest bug fixing, current and all the older issue with its resolved news on its site. You can find the open source application with the bugs and command bugs and you can implement that solution in your own codes.
Here are list of Linux user group

Google (

Detail Mentioned earlier

Linux Meetup Group (

This site helps you to search the nearest Linux user group in your area, enter the ZIP code and find them.


Linux Online (

This site offers a large and intelligent group of user list for your Linux related discussion. Select your Country and there you’ll come up with list, select enter and start.

LinuxGazatte GLUE (

This site refers to Group of Linux User Everywhere. This contains entire known list of GLUE in your area and help you to connect with.

Addition to these you can view the community site for your own distribution, many answers you can find there too. I tried to get what i was familiar with, if you think any of the sites are missing that are helping you a lot, please extend out list by commenting below, mention your experience a little detail about site and URL

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