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As per the report of The economist, the average People in America consumes approximately 8 40-feet tree per annum while using the paper of these. Switching to the lifestyle having minimum use of the paper makes your lifestyle more organised, eco-friendly and many benefit on your wallet too. Here we are about to give you some of the ultimate way how you can switch to paperless lifestyle making you feel great and eco-friendly person.

Here to help you for adopting such life, here are listed tips you can go for.

Switch to E-Billing

Almost all the organisations, services like telephone, broadband, electricity and many other are no doubt providing the E-Billing system. Imagine you get the bill may or may not check for the details and after sometime, you will use them for filling the gap in your trash. Paper billing cost the company a lot and all those investment are indirectly financed by you. So be the smart customer, ask for e-billing to your all services provider and services. All you need to provide them your E-mail Address. All your details for the bill will be sent directly to your E-mail in PDF file. Simply view the file and even you can store the bill there without any burden.

Download the PDF manuals

Today from digital camera to television, from computer to furniture, companies are offering the PDF manual and user guide for all the information regarding your product. You just have to visit the website of the company, enter the product you have purchased, and you will defiantly get the user manual and guides for setup and maintenance. You will find easily the manuals by searching them in your hard drive rather to remember and look where you kept those paper manuals.

Get PDF always online

Now a day’s lots of cloud services are available like Google Drive, Skydrive iCloud and all, and almost all the Smartphone, tablets, Pads are equipped with a PDF reader. Why to still relay and carry the documents, Books, magazine, and papers all around with you. Just go for the E-books, E-manuals, E-zine etc and always keep it sync with all your device. Just save or upload the files to any of your cloud service that you are using. You don’t need to lock up or say carry the papers around.
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Scan your Documents and Converts them E-Doc

Having the old documents and paper that you need to carry all around and you may or may not need them, if you have a all in one printer, utilize its features and scan one by one all of them and save them electronically on your Hard drive or cloud. Some of the Printers have drivers that automatically convert the scanned document to PDF, else you can get the application like Fine Reader to do the same. This will give you surety that whenever you need them you can just print the hard copy for external purpose and this will also give you benefit that your original document will not be harmed or malfunctioned.

Print a PDF

When you are a author or Blogger or something like who need to publish their writing to the world, better print them in PDF forms and distribute the E-copy of that document online. For maintaining the copyright of the document you can disable the Copy pasting of the text from those by applying the password. Even send them to someone secretly by encrypted by a password. This will give you more surety and security to your document, better mail those documents rather to Courier them.

And there are more ways that you can adopt and implement them, it is so beneficial and in eco-friendly. In the starting you may scared for a lot of the work but after a while it will save lots of the time. If you are already using any of the method like this, please feel free to share with us by commenting below or on the Post on Facebook Page