Facebook & Twitter Post management: Intelligent Computing

Today Social Media is grooming filed for advertising of brand, group, website, blog and any online content. And it is very important to connected to the people who you like on the Facebook page and that is possible when you keep on touching them with the post they love and response to it with heart. If your Facebook page is admin by a group of people then it is okay, but what if you are individual on admin of the page and you have to go for an urgent call and you won’t be able to be in touch your fans? Here i m giving you a tute how you can schedule, plan your post, link and comments on the Facebook page as well as twitter page.

Linking your Facebook Page to Twitter

Facebook Linked to Twitter
  • First of all Log in to your Facebook account and go to the Account setting.
  • Select the Application over there and on the right hand side frame, you will see various apps using your Facebook account.
  • Now select the Twitter account
  • Connect the desired Twitter account by log in to your twitter account in new popup windows, to your Facebook account and select the Page you want to Tweet your Post from.
  • After that, save the changes and go to Facebook home.
  • Now Open the Page URL on Facebook and post a single content here and after that check it on Twitter, it must be one of your tweets on Twitter.
  • Now you can schedule both the Twitter and Facebook post together from Facebook

Scheduling your Facebook post on Page

Once you have integrated the Facebook page to your Twitter account you can post Link/Status/Photos/Videos to both of your account at the same instance and that too pre planed.
  • Type the Status

  • Or
  • Upload the Photo by selecting the Photos/Video and Type the caption of the photo and additional information along with it but don’t select the post.
  • Select the Light clock on the Bottom part of the Post Box

  • There you will need to select the Year | Month | Date | Hour | Minute

  • And your post button will be now schedule button, a confirmation popup will be open for additional information, select the schedule and you are done. you can latter change the schedule if you wish to, just go to Use activity log Page and find there.

Similarly you can plan your even next one year post on Facebook and twitter.
This will help your audience and won’t ever feel detach from your brand and company. But always take care of the changing taste of the Audience and decide the post that won’t get scrap in future when posting