Google Hand Write : Intelligent Computing

“Google search for everything, Google search for everyone” i think Google has same motto on the way to integrate their searches in everyone’s life. Google unlike other search providers, not only have enormous amount of facts and data to search from, but also provides many input method for searching.
Example not only the text input for search but also Google Voice search, Google image search, location search, file search, and even search by your handwriting.

On last few days Google has introduced the new search method called “Google Hand write”.
Due to mobility and portability of the device as well as increased in number of touch devices, who the hell would like to switch to virtual keyboard every time when you wanted to search. Now it’s turn to write by your finger and search.
This will work with all the mobile devices like Phone, iPad, Tablets. All you required is a touch screen (useless to ask do your device have… :-)).
Here is the way how you can navigate to the Google handwrite.

Step one

On your device like Phone, tablet or similar, Open the web browser and go to

Next Step

Open the search setting (On iPhone you can find it at bottom of the page, in iPad you will be able to find this on upper right corner)
You will find the new option for enabling the handwrite. Tap there and turn the feature ON and save the option.

At the end
Now close the setting option and go back to Google Home. You need to refresh the Page to use the new feature.
And Done!

One thing is important, i used this on my android, iOS user and tablet user please let us know by commenting below, where you got the option for search setting.

Now let’s see how you can do this.

  • Open the Google .com
  • You can find the small symbol looks like ‘g’. Actually it will be g in handwriting mode.
  • Tap this button
  • You can see menu bar will be expanding below and you will find some more options there.
  • Now you can write anything on the screen with the finger or stylus.

Other features

  • This support More than 27 Language
  • This will work on Android 2.3 or more phones
  • iOS 5.0 or more
  • Android 4.0 or more tablets
  • Data according to Google
Want a demo how it works?
See a Demo video below!