Today every bit is important in this era of terabytes. May be this would be the reasons of short URLs as you can see in Twitter like or in Google URL shorten like or say in lots more. These tiny URL really helped long URLs and Download address to be compact in the smallest ever address. But this doesn’t give any idea where these URL redirect to. I mean don’t know after clicking these if it will open a porn page or say will download the Worms or virus to your computer without a delay. So it becomes important to judge these small URL before opening or clicking on it.

Here are list of some Site which will help you to short the long URL
Now i am going to tell you top 5 online tools to expand these websites.

1.    LongURL

Long URL is an online tool that helps the user to check the long URL before it clicked by you and you probably get infected by any of the random programmes. Till Now LongURL supports following Link shorten service like,,,,,, and
To find the long and original URL just paste the short URL in the text box provided on the site and click Expand.

2.    URL X-Ray

Yup, as the name introduce itself, this is another online tool that helps the user to get the full address behind the short URL and ensuring that no harmful programme or site behind the short and cute string of character.
Doing this is as easy, just paste the long URL in the text box and just click on the X ray button and get to know these.

3.    LinkPeelr

LinkPeelr is another but popular online tool. This will help you to get the original location as well as it will check if this URL is safe or not.
Just paste the small URL and click on the peel button to get the original one and after this you can avoid to go or you can decide to go just click on the Follow button to go to the link. You can also get an ad-on for Google chrome.

4.    Sucuri

Whenever you encounter the short link, you once need to check the URL before you expand them and Sucuri is the another open way where you can check the Long URL before the shorten one. Just paste the website’s shorten URL in the box provided and click on the verify and check if it is safe to visit there. If you find the some shady website after expanding it is advisable not to visit them.

5.    Urlex

It supports almost all the URL shorten service as mentioned earlier, just paste the short URL and click on expand button and get the original one.

Note: to identify the suspicious content behind the URL just check if the website expand with prefext Https then it will be safer and if it ends with .bat, .cmd, .msc,.ins and like these extention avoid using those link