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I’m back with next part of secretes of the Google chrome. Here please pay attention because you going to earn lots of knowledge from today’s post.
Even those which chrome don’t recommend you to edit because it is quite critical in nature. Please note that these all for educational purpose only.
If you want to try some of these I’ll suggest you some of important tips rest you need to do at on risk.
So do you have courage to do that?

Let’s proceed 

First of all I would like to share my real experience with you. Sometimes I access the Internet in my Laptop via My phone which consumes lots of data and gets slower connection. But I recently got interact with great features of Google chrome. After this I was able to disable the flash on my webpage. Infect it will be run only when I will click on them. This Menu will be available with many of the other useful option. Main option you can find there will be

Check for known conflicts with 3rd party module

Cloud Print Connector

CRX-less Web Apps

Disable Print Preview

Disable HTML5 interactive form validation

Add grouping to tab context menu

Disable hyperlink auditing

Show Auto fill predictions

Enable/Disable auto-login

HTTP Pipelining

Enable/Disable Tab Browser Dragging

And many more

Just Type Chrome://flags

Type               chrome://print
View The Details of Chrome Developer in browser with their Home page and License
Type               chrome://credits
Details of your Chrome Browser
Type               chrome://version/
Task manager of Google Chrome
Type               chrome://tasks/
Details of Chrome Workers and contributors (May Not visible all the time)
Type               chrome://workers/
Open the new tab page by visiting URL
Type               chrome://newtab/
(Not Recommended to General user)
The following pages are for debugging purposes only.
Because they crash or hang the renderer, they’re not linked directly; you can type them into the address bar if you need them. Do not alter these. This is for knowledge purpose only.
  • chrome://crash
  • chrome://kill
  • chrome://hang
  • chrome://shorthang
  • chrome://gpuclean
  • chrome://gpucrash
  • chrome://gpuhang
and finally giving you the key URL
Visit the List of all the URL list in Google chrome
Simply visit
Now you are at the heart of chrome. Customize the chrome more the anyone else can.
Hope you liked these tips. Next time will come with more amazing post. Provide us feedback by comment and sharing. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
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