Hi everyone!!
How are you all… From My most of the post its clear that how much I found of Google and I Love Google but as I was going deep and deep about Google I found some of its Negative points that is in research inside the Google to remove soon but it’s quite remarkable and noticeable so I would like to share it among you guys.
Google is No doubt is the king and providing the lots of sky space to the world and open source applications and lots more and telling you secretly my dream is Google. Yes I want to be the part of the world’s biggest programmer and serve the people around the world via Google.
So here are some of the weaknesses of Google that will be short out soon.


  • It Support the Boolean logic but Not all the logic it support only AND forced AND and OR Operators.
  • Being the biggest Search Engine of the world it has indexed almost 170 billions of WebPages but the point is it only index only first 101 KB  of the text from a page text. But Yahoo! index around 500 KB of web page’s text.
  • Although it does stem words, it doesn’t allow for truncation. You can’t put in part of a word and get Google to “guess the rest”. Although if you misspell a word, or enter a strange word, it will often ask you if you really mean something else and take a guess as to what you might really be looking for.
  • You cannot search Deep via Google for the same reason that’s the reason why some people need extra plug-in for searching the deep web
  • Google Mostly consider only 10 word in the search previously but you will not face such obstacle Now.
  • Google Consider the first word of the search quarry most important so- while searching it consider the most result from first word. So you can put the first word for making your search stronger

and Concluding all that this doesn’t going the touch the crown of Google. Was this information useful to you.. comment and share and tell if you want to add something more.. you are welcome 🙂