Today I am going to post a amazing post for you which not only makes the web closer to you but also making the Google search more confined to you and filter out all the rubbish search result that you don’t ever want to see on search page. Google is equipped with all your worries solution. Even some time before I was also facing such problem that after lots of search  I as not able to find the stuff exactly I want. So no more time waste just Feel the Lucky.

Before stepping forward I would like to make you little aware about the algorithm on which your result is displayed for query. When you enter a key example
Intelligent computing
First of all the search pointer will point through the URL contain your search quarry then title of the page then headings and text, links and so on..
And frequent updates to the pages make the page rank higher.
Coming back to the point how to get just diamond from coal mine.
Top Ten Tips
For search exact phrase like Blog for Computing Tips Google will display you the result combining result of all words individually and making the pairs. For getting the perfect result having term Blog for Computing Tips Just put your quarry in the “Quarry”. Now all the result will display the content where Blog for Computing Tips exist together.

Remember! Google does not consider a single character latter in search like a, &, 4, etc. so for including the single character just add ‘+’ before them like ‘+a’.

To exclude expected rubbish from your search just put ‘-’ sign and type that phrase which you want to exclude. For example you want to search the Laptops having Processor Intel Core i-5 but want to skip the Dells Laptops just do type the phrase like following: Intel core i5 Laptop-Dell. This will show you all result except Dell

Google Also support all the Boolean operations in its search algorithm like AND, OR etc. For example you want result for Android Phone for Samsung and LG both you can search “Android phone” Samsung AND LG. Also if you want all the result you can look like “Android Phone” Samsung OR LG. Make sure AND and OR having UPPER CASE

For calculation Just Type the expression in search box. Example Log32+sinh78.5(cos log(π/6)).

For the Definition of the words or their meaning just Type Define ‘Word’.

For News Related to topic type NEWS ‘topic/Date/location/persion/event’ etc.

For Translation of word or whole phrase type  Translate ‘Word’ From Language1 to Language2.

For Jumping the first result of the quarry just type the quarry and Instead of Search Press I’m Feeling Lucky.

For Local Listing or map just type the little bit. Like CCD in sec 12 Faridabad. You will get it with location Map as well.
How is that Comment to it and some Keywords and I’m about to posting with description that will make you king of search.

Take care all.