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As I promised yesterday I have come up with Google’s intelligent search OPERATORs that will make you get the Maximum out of your Google search. Some time or say many time we can’t find the search just because we can’t actually tell Google that what and where we are looking for the search. And being just a super machine Google just looks in the billions of pages for us and get the result for us and there may be lots of more search effort we had to apply but If you want to get the rid of all this you are at PERFECT PLACE. Some time you want to search link sometime title sometime URL and sometime simply want to have information about the any website or URL.

I’m going to list and explain some of the Universal Search Operators that works with all the Google Search service. So You are 5 minute away to become the King of searches and find the exactly what you want.

For Web Search

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These are the Search operator mainly used for filter your search let’s see how it works
allinanchor: or inanchor:
Anchors are the text where some hyperlink is connected either for new webpage of image or anything. So if you want to search those text only where anchor contain your keyword then you have to use this operator. For example you want to search for anchor that having some important link search like this.
allinanchor: google plus
its quite understood that this will search all the anchor having Text Google plus.

allintext: or intext:
For example you are having some fragment of text and you want to have the full information on the web and if you will search like ordinary kid you will need a day but since you read my blog I will save your time J
Just put your quarry like this
allintext:Your text or the phrase that you want to search
And if you are regular reader or even new reader of my blog you can find the method how to search the exact phrase click here to Learn More.
This will search your quarry only in the text of the indexed pages available to Google or saying to the web.

Allintitle: or intitle:

Every website is having the title that describes its content better and represents the best. And if you are having the keyword that you assume to find in the title of the website then again you are having lucky chance to stroke 9 more key ‘allintitle’ or you can look for hours.

Do it like this

Allintitle:Search Keyword
No doubt this going to search this keyword only in the title of the webpage indexed to the Google’s database Best and ignores the Rest. And if you want to combine the two or more keyword together logically you can use the Boolean Operator (Learn More about).

Allinurl: inurl:

If you have to find the keyword in the URL(Address) of the web page then you can use this Operator for your quarry. Just Do this

Allinurl:Your Keyword
This will present you the List of result having address containing your Keyword. Hmmm you are a good Lerner


Let me remind you that Google keeps on Updating the database frequently and frequently and its saved in cache memory of Google. So if you want to search from the cache. Stroke 5 more key like this.

Wow! You got my word or let me understand it by your upper mind exercise.


Its like TATA  Docomo simple and silly. If you have to ask the simple silly and short definition from Google and lots many site like then you have this Operator

Define: Keyword
And you are ready to put it on your Assignment. Lol 😀


Oh! This is the most important  for you if you are the student and you need to learn offline and you want to find the project eBook document presentation or anything where your desire a file that contain all the information of your wish. How much happy will you be when you will get the one click Download link for your favorite file. Just enter

Data Structure Filetype:PDF
This will display all the file of PDF format and having link contain Phrase or file name as data Structure.

Id: or link:

This operator will search the IDs of your quarry entered to Google mainly the sites and its links.

Info: or site:

This will help you to find the information about any website or URL without visiting there. Make sure you typed correct URL and No space in it.

Do it like this


This will display the information about the URL by different back links.

Similarly phonebook: and related:

Will Display the Phone Directory from USA and Related will show the result having similar content.

These operators will work everywhere like in IMAGE Search/Blog search/Group Search/Profile Search/Site Search.
You May Learn The Basics of.Google Search