Why App runner?

Many users find infrastructure management hard and time-consuming. Managing Load Balancing, Autoscaling Groups, Security Groups, Domains, Certificates, Logging, etc. takes a lot of effort. The New App runner service by AWS manages these hustles of Developers so they can focus more on application and business.

What is App Runner?

App Runner is an AWS service that provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to deploy from source code or a container image directly to a scalable and secure web application in the AWS Cloud.

Top Feature of App runner are

  • Helps user to quickly deploy application without requiring any prior infrastructure experience, just start with Source code and a container image.
  • Automatically builds and deploys the web application balances traffic with encryption on your behalf.
  • Scales up or down automatically to meet your traffic needs.
  • Saves your time by managing servers or scaling, you can have more time to focus on your applications.

Use Cases for App runner

Frontend and backend web applications

You can use App Runner to build and run API services, backend web services, websites, and more. App Runner supports container images as well as runtimes and web frameworks including Node.js and Python. 

Running Microservices and APIs

With App Runner, you can run thousands of microservices simultaneously. This enables you to flexibly scale each component of your application and fosters increased agility and innovation. Loose coupling also decreases risks to application resiliency. 

Rapid Application deployments

App Runner leverages AWS best practices and technologies for deploying and running containerized web applications at scale. This leads to a drastic reduction in your time to market for new applications and features. 

How it works

Working of AWS App runner

Detailed process of working with App Runner is available in this blog post by Justin Garrison, senior AWS developer advocate.

As far as Pricing is concern with App Runner, you pay for the compute and memory resources used by your application.

In addition, if you automate your deployments, you will pay a set monthly fee for each application that uses all automated deployments in that month.

You are only charged for App Runner when it is running. You can easily pause the application and resume it again quickly whenever you need.