Google Play launched specially for android, a smashing replacement for android store which have millions of certified apps by open source developer which used Google code library to build them and let the user use it.

Hi everyone, in this post, I am doing nothing but answering some of the frequently asked question about Google play which will let you understand about the Google play to the level of expert.
Let’s start with 10 frequently asked questions about Google play.

1. How do I Access Google play on Android device?

When you get a new android phone, Google play is pre-loaded on your device, you can open Application and search for Google Play icon, purple blue red mixed color triangle making Play button, yeah this is you got, Google play. Some of the tablet may not have Google play pre-loaded but this is quite rare.

2. Do I need an Account to Sign in to Google Play?

And the answer is YES. When first you open Google play, Google play Store will asked you to Sign in on it using your Google account, if you don’t have one, you can create the new Google account instantly. This simple and easy process is too fast and your device will remember you for the next time.

3. Can I try Google Play apps on Android device?

Most of the Google Play Apps are free. But some of the application is not so you can have option of trying those application before you buy and decide if these application worth buying. Note that, functionality of the application may be limited or trial period or may be working fully but for short time.

4. Why most of the Application on Google Play is Free?

Most of the developer are using free and open source code to develop the applications, these applications most of the time are ad-supported. This means you may see some advertising on application while using it. Developer/Author of those applications monetizes their app by advertising. However you may stop seeing those app by paying full version, that’s another way they can get worth.

5. Should I read Users review on Google Play?

The best ever way to get to know the usefulness of the application is to known the other users experience. On every app you can see the users review, this will help you to decide If those applications are worth using/buying or trying or just waste of time. More the users review more the like and standard of the application.

6. If the Android Applications Safe on Google Play?

Almost all the Android application on Google Play is perfectly safe. But still you can make sure it is safe on your side too, whatever application you use, require to access some data, for example map application require location data and you should allow it. But you need to think before you grant permission, for example if a free game require to read your contact, be aware something is wrong. Check the application website, certification detail and again, users review to be on safe side.

7. Are Android Apps better then iOS?

Yes and No!! Some of the application is better on iOS platform but most of the applications are better on Android. Good news to know is most of the developer working on Android is also working on iOS so backend gap is almost no. and most of the apps are similar just some interfacing is different, and rest gap is minimum.

8. How many apps are on Google play?

Around the November 2012, there were more than 1,50,000. So no doubt you are able to find all the utility you wish you just you need to read the users review and keep the patient on finding and the best use the Google to find app on Google play.

9. How easy to use Google play store is?

Google pays ultimate attention to the UI and user experience of the applications, and Google play is itself tweaked many times to make all the possible. Google play will let you easily find the applications from the vast collection and easy to select and download.

10. How do I update my apps from Google play?

Newer version of apps are if available on Google play, your app will notify you, even some of the apps updates in background and you don’t need to do it manually. Though some application may ask you to do manually, if you think it is certified and trusted apps go ahead or manually download newer version after good review.
Bottom line
Google play is in better position if compare to Apple store or similar store, due to trust of Google, free availability easy to use and more interaction, Google play is becoming popular day by day. Hope you find it useful and worth sharing with your friends.