Learning Astronomy is great habit that most of the people especially teenagers have. How great it would be if you can learn our solar system by yourself in Google Chrome in 3D way?

Hi everyone, before computing I admit I had great interest in solar system/astronomy/big bang theories and all. Especially when I was kid, even I started writing a book (seriously) and wrote 5-10 pages too, oh my god that was secrete. Well today for all those young friends and even you all, I pick this topic to let you know how you can learn, have tour to every planet, asteroids and sun in our solar system.

All you need to have Google chrome (updated), and internet connection. You can get this on your chrome as well.

How to View 3D solar System in Google Chrome

You need to Open Google chrome browser and hoping you’ve sign in with your Google account as well.

Once you’ve added, you can open the New Tab page and choose the “3D Solar system web” application from there. Launch it, this will open new tab with amazing black screen of solar system and it will ask your language, select English or your own.

Now you can use the Mouse to navigate, but for proper navigation see bottom right and you can see 4 keys and two lenses.

Use them to navigate in solar system and Zoom in or zoom out to anywhere.
You can also click on any planet of body to enlarge it and get information dictated in your language with all the information about that body.

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You can also see some ads from there, ignore them they are not the part of this beautiful and informative application, they are for earning purpose.

You can Point your mouse to upper left corner and list of body will be hover, choose any of them and that planet will be zoomed and you can read/listen the description.

At the bottom, center, you can see Stop button to stop dictating and tour button at top to start tour of solar system.
There are some other setting also you can easily understand them and use it.

Bottom line

You can have the knowledge of solar system in elegant 3D way with no high speed of connection; this application uses the Open GL technology in Google chrome to have this much great features.  Have great and fun time, learn and share this post with your friends and let them know about this.
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