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Are you using Google Chrome Like king, you must be having lots of tabs and History along with your personal Bookmarks there, don’t you want to protect even if someone open your Chrome?

Hi everyone, Privacy is one of the most important when you are online, whatever browser you are using you need to be private and safe from attacker from another side of net or from even your side.
You can imagine how much data your browser has, especially in Google chrome where people not only browse but do a lot more than that.

What Data Google Chrome has?

Your Browsing History
Your Bookmarks
Your Saved Passwords
Saved Cookies
Saved Settings
Installed Applications and many more!
These are very critical data and one can easily steam just by opening your Google chrome. What you have done to protect these data?
You can set the Google Chrome to Run as Administrator but this doesn’t allow you to run many applications.
Probably you want to set Password for your Google Chrome right? How?

How to Apply Password on Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome App Called SimpleStartup Password allow you to protect your entire data in your Google chrome by applying the startup password while opening the Google chrome,
Now open Chrome setting once you’ve installed it.

On Left side click on the Extension and you’ll see the list of bunch of installed app/extension there.
Scroll through it and find Simple Startup Password and click on Options.

You’ll need to provide the password for the first time.

Once you’re password is saved, from the next time you Startup the Google Chrome, you’ll need to provide the password to access the Google Chrome.

Wait a Moment

Before you leave and go for adding this extension for Chrome, you need to keep in mind that,
There is no Forget Option; you need to remember the password to a safe place.
 If you uses the multiple users, all user need to provide different password.

If you want to remove the password, either enter new password as blank, or simple disable the Extension until next need.

Bottom line

Great Extension for super user, private user and multi user Google chrome environment. Best way to safe guard your Chrome. Share the post with friends and let them know about this, and like/comment what you want to share.