Gmail in Android: Intelligent Computing

Who got the spare minute to look through bunch of Mail receiving everyday in your mailbox and checking them all, let’s make you little smarter and just keep your eye and time on just important Gmail, and leave else for spare time.

Even if you are not too busiest guy, you must not got the time to check all your mails that you receive on daily bases. Most of them are not for your first glance, you have to look up among all of them & find what worth to you at once.
Organizing Gmail is smarter task and you can perform this and will take hardly 5-10 minute.
Once you are on Smartphone, you don’t have big enough screen to see all the mails and selecting which one is useful for the moment, how if your important mails are shown up on first screen and others at another page and so on? Yeah it will save your time and you’ll never miss any important mail after that.

What is Priority Inbox?

Gmail recently added feature of Priority inbox, you have several option to organize your bunch of Emails as per your relevance. You can arrange Emails in following orders:
Unread first
Starred first
Important unread first
Important starred first etc
So here in this post let’s have some step to organize your Gmail for Android Smartphone.

Find your Priority first

You need to open the Gmail App on your Android, depending upon the phone model you are using, you can see the Priority inbox option in the list, and else you can get this in your account setting.

Set the priority inbox

Now once you’ve find the option, tap the priority inbox, once you’ve done, you’ll see the list of Mails in your inbox with either important label or with yellow starred. Google or sender makes your mail mark as important or according to your filters mails are starred.

Toggle the Importance of Mails

Once you’ve assumed if Google is not making right decision to make Email labeled Important, you can have choice to make it ‘Not important’. Simply select the mail or multiple mails by checkbox and on the top, you can find the More button and you can select ‘Mark as Not important’.

You can identify the mails

You can simply save time by marking the batch of mails and selecting the label option and either select the existing label or create new label to completely categorize mail and their importance.

And Google can do this for next time,

Once you are able to selecting the important mails or not importance mail, Google will record your mail priority and upon the next time you will get the correct labeling of mails and their importance.
Now you can select the Priority inbox next time and you’ll see more relevant messages at the top of list and rest seeking your free time.
Have awesome, productive and time saving day, share this post with friends and comment below what you do to save your time on your Inbox.