Its Common most of the time, that people ignores the presence of their decency while online. Do you know most company hire the people by checking their online presence and its on you how effective you are there on social media, on Google or on forums.

Hi everyone! If you are well qualified, well skilled, but not online, company can reject your record. In this era, online presence it the best way company can check your presence and background as well. They can check every bit, how you write, how you mail, its language, your expression to aggressive post/forums and your tweet anything.

According to latest Surveys

More than 40% of people get hired by LinkedIn profiles.

20% have for Facebook,

Rest hiring based on their online forum presence and comments.

(Data are approximate and based on News Paper survey)

If not talk about career, there are still great scope of online behaviors, how people believe you, how people mark your words, how relevant you are. All that points matters for you and for your name.
So here I am going to discuss 8 points how to be online and get reputable.

1. Blog yourself

Yeah easiest way to get in world, not to earn not to get something bigger, but to make your name unique for your words and great thought. Every people have something special in their life every day. Most of them are inspiring or worth sharing. Share your thought and at least twice a week on any free blogging platform. Your views on whatever going around, what your idea is what you want to change what you appreciate. Use your best and positive thoughts to do this all. I am sure people will find greatness in you soon and you’ll worth searching on Google.

2. Avoid Capital Letters

Avoid CAPITAL letters in your comments, Mails, chat and everywhere. Using capital letters is just like shouting everywhere. Keep your Caps lock off and only use Shift + letter for capital character else small is best.

3. Don’t use Smiley

Smiley is best way to express your feeling, but use this only in personal chats and comments with close friend. Not publically, else you’ll not be consider as serious entity. If using, don’t use it frequently of more than 2 in one comment. This will make your expression worth seriously true and pro.

4. Avoid personal lingo (Short words)

Using the short character is really worth and important in twitter era where you have to say everything in limited character. Still try not to use such shortcut publicly because most of the people may not understand it. You can use some command professional terms but be ready to explain softly if they don’t get it.
Some professional Lingo
ASAP: As Soon As Possible
OMG: Oh My God
FYI: For your Information
Etc. you can search Google for more Professional used terms.

5. Care for your spelling and Grammar

 Most of the editor include browser are coming with spell check algorithms in it still, try best not to make such spelling mistake or grammatical mistakes in your comments and suggestions. People will love your comments if its worthy, but people will respect you if you care for these two points.

5. Avoid Spamming

Spamming is unauthorized advertising or throwing bunch of links everywhere you go. Now a day’s Google and all the webmaster have strong policy for spam handling. You may get the warning of such activity for 2-3 times and after that you may be banned for your spamming activity. Be original and if you gets some warning like this, apologize and remove the post ASAP.

6. Don’t Abuse

There are lot more sparkling topic on the web, some may get you exited some may annoy you, all the websites including Facebook, Google have strong policy for avoiding the such sparkling/violent post. You can report any time for such post and  it will be removed. You can softly request to put it down or put your request/comment.

7. Avoid Forwarding Multimedia Attachment

Yes! Don’t forward any multimedia attachment which is not public, you can refer the multimedia links and YouTube video links or media links. But not someone’s property like image and video or voice recording. If you find something, file a complaint. Be aware of Short links (TrackShort URL before clicking them)

8. Don’t share personal Information

Avoid sharing personal information everywhere. Rather make you profile professional but not include your Email for Public or your street address or phone number publically (for your Privacy).

9. Avoid tagging

Tagging many times annoys people, don’t tag people on the post all the time instead, ask their interest and make sure they love your tagged post. Excess tagging may ban you from that website/platform.

Bottom line

Having online reputation is great for your career or presence. Because everything is searchable on the web, anyone can find easily what you do, so be great and have great name.
Have fun, leave your comment and share it with your friends!