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How you’ll feel when you get to know someone is tracking you with a camera and notebook and sells what you do on web for further tracking and even attacking. Get to know your Trackers and Block them.

Welcome everyone, it’s really ridicules to know that, when you surf for 15 minute, more than 50 unknown website already had your data and information wherever you’ve clicked, where you’ve been and for how much time.

If you don’t care and think you are not doing anything wrong and no matter let them track me.
Forget, whatever data you’ve entered on any site like name, Email or may be anything, have strong chances to track you and your data. especially when you visit some free illegal music site. I noticed lots of site silently following me and site I’ve visited sent a lot data to them.

So how can you identify trackers and such website?

Well, for this there is Google chrome Extension called Collusion for Chrome.
Just install this tool in your Google chrome and you can frequently check for your tracking information.
Let me show you a screenshot.

Tracking Information about the sites :Intelligent Computing

In above Screenshot, the blue highlighted site was informed when I visited, you can point any circle to know which site it is and who informed them your activity.

Even when I clicked on CNET I found more than 20 sites including and so on. This extension blocks the unknown site from tracking.

Graph shows website sent information by CNET: Intelligent Computing

If you wish you can block any site.
As you keep clicking on links and peer to peer browsing your Extension will notify you no new site informed.

Notify by Extension Collusion Graph: Intelligent Computing

How to Avoid Tracking in Google Chrome

Listen, there are some genuine tracking like, Google keep tracking you what site you visit and suggest you similar site when you search. Facebook Inform application websites to know you are surfing and all remember you already permitted them. So next time be aware.
Another thing you can do is,

Enable Do Not track option in Google Chrome: Intelligent Computing

Go to Chrome Setting > Advance Setting > and Enable Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic  and done! This will prevent you to minimize the tracking of your data.