Most of the time you wanted to save some amazing audio or video files to your computer but for that you needed applications most of them are paid. Today see how you can save all HTML5 Audio and videos to your computer via Google Drive.

Welcome back folks.

This post will let you know how to save Audio, Video, links and files directly to Google Driveand indirectly to your computer.

Google Drive to your computer : Intelligent Computing

All you need to have
# Google Chrome

# Gmail ID

# Google Drive Account

# Google Drive installed on your PC [Download Google Drive here]

All you need to do is

Open Google chrome
Add Save to Drive Extension to your Google Chrome
Now installed Google drive need your log in and start syncing the drive to
Now visit any site having HTML5 Audio and video.

Right click on the Audio/video or Link

You’ll get the option to save it on Google drive.
Once you saved the link, show you confirmation by pop up on top right.
Now Google drive installed on your PC will automatically sync the Drive to your computer,
All your saved Audio/video files will be right on your PC.

Enjoy playing them
This extension only works with HTML5 supported audio and video, it will not download or save if it is a flash video.

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