Screenshot of Welcome screen of Windows media center: Intelligent Computing
Microsoft has made a drastic revolution for media lovers on Windows, in this post we are dealing with untold features of Windows media centre you never knew before.

Windows media center has been included in windows operating system since 2002. It was introduced with Windows XP media center edition. We all have vlc media player, windows media player, power DVD and many more media playing programs installed in our PC, and we use them frequently for our all media applications. By using these we miss some of the most prominent features of our GOD operating system “the windows media center” which is full of many exciting features of which some are explored below.


TV Tuner devie External: Intelligent Computing
We all come across the TV guide set-up in the windows media center. Now what we have to do it run the set up, connect a tuner to your system and enjoy TV on your PC


Open media center and wait for 10 secs. Their will be no need to scroll forward or backward instead use arrows key for faster browsing. This happens because of turbo zoom which increases the rate of browsing which starts afetr 10 seconds.

Get youtube involved

YouTube Logo: Intelligent Computing
No browser needed, just install an application 0.5.0 01-11-08 YougleVista and start media center. Choose Yougle and select àvideoàget more sources and add YOUTUBE. Now choose FLASH VIDEO OPTION …. All done and now you can easily watch youtube videos on media center directly in HD without a browser.

Watch terrestrial TV

Tuner Free MCE is an extention which allows you to watch terrestrial TV streamed live on media center. You can download this from

Extra internet streams

Not only the available streaming extentions, you can count additional plugins which can provide you more channels of your choice.You can download these  pluggins from


While recording you can skip unwanted portion easily using the seek bar and continue recording the needed portion. This also makes recording fun and fast.

Bottom Line
When all the media players are coming with great UI and maximum plugin support, Windowsmedia center is one stop application that won’r let you close the application untill you are dealing with media like TV show, Videos, Music or Pictures. 

People love to enjoy these features in Windows 7 but in Windows 8Windows media centre is not included (More Facts for Windows 8), you have to purchase it sapratly.