Metro UI in WIndows 7: Intelligent Computing
If you are of tuff mind and don’t want to go for Windows 8 just for some great look, specially Metro UI start menu, don’t worry, here is the way to get it on Windows 7.

Greet to my readers,

Windows 8 has own lots of discussion for its features list but not only this if you are a power user and want to do more with computing, you probably won’t ready to switch to Windows 8, but I know you had defiantly miss the Metro UI of Windows 8 in windows 7 if you didn’t knew this post.

Simply let’s start with

How to setup Windows 8 Metro UI in windows 7

All you need to download the two tools

Step 1
First of all install RainMeter on your Windows 7 Desktop.
Step 2
While installing RainMeter you’ll need internet connection. It will download some necessary files during installation, this will going to happen in minute as size will be approx of 5MB.
Step 3
Once installation is finished, You won’t be able to see anything yet.
Step 4
After this UnZip the Omnio for RainMeter and install it.
Once done,

Run the RainMeter from start menu.
Windows 8 UI chooser for Windows 7: Intelligent Computing

Configure your Screen size and Style of UI will be shown to you, select anyone, I’ll suggest to choose Alpha style UI and go ahead.

See your Desktop is Full of Useful tiles, you can Disable Metro UI anytime by closing the RainMeter from TaskPlane.
And you’re done.

See how does My desktop looked like
Windows 8 UI look on Windows 7: Intelligent Computing

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