Apple iPad Mini: Updates Intelligent Computing

News UPDATES up-to 14 October 2012

Apple ipad mini to be launches on October 23, 2012

Way before Microsoft launches windows 8 and surface tablet worldwide

Microsoft Announces Booking for Windows 8

Including its packages and Upgrade offers on Windows Blog

Apple is Samsung’s biggest chip buyer,

But that didn’t stop apple from hiring away a high-profile industry veteran from Samsung to come work for them.

HCL joins the ultra-book race with ME3074.

18 mm thick, 5 second resume time, 90 days Intel Anti theft solution 

AirTel, Vodafone and Idea Looses Customers

Aircel is in Gain


A report by the House Intelligence Committee

saying that Huawei and another Chinese telecom-equipment concern, ZTE, pose sufficient security risks that government agencies should avoid buying their equipment.

Seventh generation of ipod Nano launched

Google’s new offer: send SMS via Gmail, GTalk

US court  reverses ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

General Motors plan to ditch outsourcing,

Announced that nearly 90% of IT works will be done by in-house staff in three-five years.
PARIS – Scientists from Yale University said they have identified a “diamond planet”
twice the size of the Earth and eight times its mass.

The planet, named 55 Cancri e,

Is one of five planets orbiting a sun-like star Located 40 light years from Earth in the constellation of Cancer.

Another front is opening up in the architecture wars between ARM and Intel.

Both see rising share in networking and communications systems where ARM is a relative newcomer and Intel is growing but not yet dominant.

Apple next-generation MacBook Pro

(with Retina display) eyes-on at WWDC 2012

Apple security software reveals Windows passwords

4G launched in Kolkata , India

By Reliance and Airtel

Samsung operating profit up 85 percent

Windows 7 malware infection rate climbs,

Still three times safer than XP
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